Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2019

[INSPIRATION] Choose You by Gail Ambeau

Instead of fashion let’s talk about getting this season off to a good start with you.

Let us not succumb to the pressure that there has to be a “New You”.  It’s almost impossible to have a new you. You can have a new attitude. You can do away with some old habits. You can improve upon yourself mentally and physically. Let’s face it it’s still you. You just can’t get a new you like you can get a new car.

Now that we’ve got that all cleared up let us focus on what we (I am including myself) can do to improve ourselves in this season.

First we must all realize that there is no such thing as “Perfect”. Being perfect is not real. Nothing and nobody perfect. Flawless doesn’t exist and it’s not even attractive. Even diamonds have flaws.Trying to be perfect is hard to get close to because it’s not realistic. So, just breathe, and relax. Everything we consider a flaw about ourselves someone else might find appealing. Just get real with yourself and let that lead the way.

Tap into that “thing” that makes you feel most like yourself. For example for me I am most at myself when I am free to be as creative as possible. When I am not restricted by time or space during the creative process I can tap into me. Recognize what that “thing” is for you and move towards it. Tap into “you” as often as you can.

You have to make peace with who you are so that You can start showing up. When we are constantly focusing on our insecurities, our authentic self cannot shine. The light that shines draws in every person, experience, and opportunity to align with our true happiness.

Be willing to accept failure. I don’t mean be willing to be a failure. I mean accept failure and take the lesson from it. Then make the next move take the next step. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in that place.

Start by getting out of bed and get dressed, even if you don’t have anywhere to go.
Start by doing 1 push up.
Start by drinking a cup of water.
Start by making 1 sale.
Start by walking 1 lap.
Start by reading 1 page.
Start today, then tomorrow repeat.

 Make everything about love and gratitude. That’s pretty much it. Love changes your perspective and having an attitude of gratitude is absolutely the only way to attract more of what you want.

As always remember the first thing you should to put on everyday is your confidence, because it is the first thing everyone will see. Wear it, and wear it well.


Gail Rayford-Ambeau,
host of Fashion Forward

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