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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Actress Shanti Lowry: Riding the Wave of Her Success, Appreciating the Journey

by Cyrus Webb

What a difference a year makes!

The first time I sat down with actress Shanti Lowry was in 2018. She was promoting the new series Bronx SIU, and from the start it was clear at least for me that it was going to be a hit. Fast forward to 2019 we met up again in Los Angeles as the show was enjoying not just season two but Emmy nominations for some of the cast, including Lowry! 

During our wide-ranging conversations we discussed her path, the show Bronx SIU and the world she is able to create through work that she loves.

Shanti, first of all congratulations on your amazing success. What has it been like to reflect on how you got here? 
Time flies! I think the thing I've learned the most in this business is I have to love what I do when I'm doing it, and then let it go. That was definitely the case with Bronx SIU. We all embraced the idea of it. We're happy to be here. We said let's bring it to life, but after that it's out of our hands. We just hope people watch."

Is that what drives you?
Absolutely. I love all aspects of it. You put your all into it. Think about it: someone is paying you to learn. What can be better than that?

I really think the most exciting part of the job is the learning of all the things to complete the character. At the end of the day it's going to add to Shanti, who I am. Especially when it comes to things I've never done before.

That's a great way to talk about your character Yolanda Rodriguez on SIU.
I love Yolanda. It was cool to do something I've never done before, and that is pay a cop. They gave me the chance to do that. It is an amazing character who is very lost like many of us are lost. She's an extreme example of a lot of things. To be honest for my own healing I was excited to play her, and I hope others learn from her as well.

What about the cast? What was that like to work with those who share your passion?
It was so fun! It was necessary to get the show we got. We were going to four or five locations a day. It's hard work. You just have to be a team player. We got team players that are also talented, in the trenches with you. Every day we came through. They never quit, no matter how hard things got they got it done.

Look for Shanti to continue to 'get it done' as she rides the wave of her success while appreciating the journey. Stay connected with her on Instagram at

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