Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, October 17, 2021

[ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT] Nancy Matthews, Author/Speaker/Coach

by Cyrus Webb

Over the past few years it's been great to watch the way that Author/Speaker and Coach Nancy Matthews has been able to build her impact and inspire her audience. 

This year she released the new edition of her book THE ONE PHILOSOPHY. We talked about that and what's to come in this profile. 

Nancy, it was great to catch up with you on Conversations LIVE the radio show. I’m glad we can continue our conversation in Conversations Magazine. Looking back over your professional career, what has it been like for you to find something you love and pursue it?

Thank you, Cyrus. Having a career that’s built upon what I love is pure joy! We often hear, “Do what you love, and the money will follow,” and I believe that is the true secret to a successful, fulfilling, and happy life. The key is to be able to trust the process and move through fears and obstacles with fervor and faith – which, isn’t always easy.

We met through a mutual friend and entrepreneur, LaWanna Bradford. How have friendships like that helped to keep you encouraged and motivated on your journey?

Friendships, in fact all relationships, give us the opportunity to see and express ourselves through those relationships. Whether as a daughter, mother, sister, or friend our relationships form the fabric of our lives. The beauty of having close friends, like LaWanna, is that in a relationship built on trust, love, and mutual respect there is freedom for those friends to see the best in you, during times of celebration as well as challenge and provide insight and encouragement. We are not meant to do this journey alone and having trusted friends and mentors is essential. 

Speaking of journey, that was a great part of our radio conversation. When did you know that being an entrepreneur was something you wanted to do?

I’ve actually been an entrepreneur since I was six years old when my best friend and I made perfume from her mother’s rose garden. (Her Mom wasn’t too happy about it!) I didn’t know it at the time, but that entrepreneurial spirit has always been a driving force for me. Throughout my life I’ve always had a job as well as some kind of side-gig both to earn additional money and as an outlet for my creativity and fulfillment. Being an entrepreneur is about taking ownership of the work you’re doing, whether in a job working for someone else or in your own business.

Challenges come to us in different ways. How have your own challenges helped you get to where you are today?

Each of the challenges I’ve experienced have molded me into the woman I am today. For example, when I was 24 and found myself single and pregnant – that was a challenge that turned into a huge turning point for me. At the time I was on a path of way too much partying and reckless behavior. In the face of that challenge, I was given a choice, do I have this baby or not? As I struggled with what to do, a clear message came through, “Nancy, you can give this child a good life.” I know that this challenge saved my life, as I gave life to another. 

You are part of the Celebrate You community. What has that experience been like to be with other like-minded entrepreneurs?

Community is key! As I shared earlier, we are not meant to do this journey alone. What I love about the Celebrate You community is the blend of celebrating others and being reminded to also celebrate myself. This community is filled with ordinary women being extraordinary and each of their stories inspires and encourages me on my journey.  

Your book THE ONE PHILOSOPHY has been impacting the lives of others, but it began with you. You’re celebrating the 3rd edition this year. What has it been like to see the way the message has resonated with so many?

Actually, Cyrus, it’s because of the way this message has resonated with so many that keeps me inspired to do the work and share it even more. This little message with a big impact has brought families closer, has helped people grow in their careers and businesses and has saved lives. As people share their stories of how THE ONE PHILOSOPHY has changed and shaped their lives, I know that this is my work to do as this is the path to a better life for each of us and for humanity.

Finding success for yourself is great, but why is it so important to make sure that we are doing something that benefits others?

I can think of lots of reasons for that one, Cyrus, and I’ve talked about some of this earlier when I said we’re not meant to do this journey alone. We are here to work, grow and play together in this human family. Plus, it feels good to benefit others and celebrate successes together.

Other than spreading the message of THE ONE PHILOSOPHY, what are you looking forward to this year?

My sisters and I, (yes, real blood sisters), founded Women’s Prosperity Network in 2008 as a continuing community of support, resources, and connections for impact-focused women. I am looking forward to bringing more women together so that our combined gifts, talents, and skills contribute to making a positive difference in the world.

You have such an amazing resume. Based on your experiences what would you say to our readers about the importance of staying focused on the road to their goals and dreams?

Remember that a seed of greatness was placed in you upon birth and staying focused on your goals and dreams is the way to have that seed fully blossom. As you blossom you will produce seeds that are meant to be sprinkled into the lives of others which then supports them in blossoming. The best way to move beyond your fears and obstacles is to surround yourself with a community of like-spirited people who will believe in and encourage you at those times you may feel like giving up. We are #better together.

Thanks again for the time, Nancy, and congrats on all the great things coming your way. How can our readers stay connected with you? 

Thank you, Cyrus. You can find me on social media or email 

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