Saturday, June 4, 2011

Conversations' "Model Citizen: Supermodel Miguel Perdomo

In less than a decade, supermodel Miguel Perdomo* has achieved more in his professional than most people see in their entire lifetime---and he's not even thirty. Whether it is on national tv, international fashion events, print campaigns with Sean John and others as well as runways, there's no getting away from this talented go-getter, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Cyrus Webb* recently caught up with Miguel to talk about his accomplishments, what keeps him grounded and what those looking up to him need to know about his career.

Here is their conversation.

C. W.: First of all, Miguel, thank you for taking out a few moments to talk with us. I guess we'll start at the beginning. What initially got you interested in modeling?
M.P. Modeling was a career that I kind of fell into. I never really wanted to model. I wanted to play ball or box. What got me in the modeling world was basically doing something people wouldn't think I can do. When I use to say I'm going to become a fashion model, people thought I was joking. I prove myself and them wrong, and it's been working ever since.

C.W.: Is this a career that those close to you initially supported?
M.P.: The response my family and friends have is that they can't believe how much I have accomplished in such short time. It's very overwhelming to see them embrace it.

C.W.: What would you say is your most notable achievement?
M.P.: My most notable credit is being recognized as "The 1st Dominican Male Model" even though there have been some before me, none to represent the culture the way I do.

C. W.: The business can be quite competitive. How do you remain relevant and build on your brand?
M.P.: I keep myself relevant through networking and all social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, etc. This is all about hustling. Hustle means hard work, so I definitely grind out. Any event that New York has to offer I'm there just for networking purposes.

C. W.: All of us are faced with challenges in our career. How have you remained focused in the face of challenges?
M.P.: I have been successful my whole life just because of my belief in myself and my family. They support my every move and every goal.

C.W.: Outside of modeling, what are some of your interests?
M.P.: Outside of modeling I do graphic design and freelance as well for other brands. Fashion for me is a lifestyle, not a job, so I stay busy however I can.

C.W.: What advice would you give those who are looking at you, Miguel, as a model of what they can accomplished?
M.P.: My only advice is remain humble as all times and definitely open your eyes to the world surrounding you. There's more to the eye once you open your mind.

C. W.: Thank you again for your time. Where can people find out more information about you online (website, social networking,etc)?
M.P.: Thank you for the opportunity. I can be found at,, and also

* Photos of Miguel Perdomo are by Angel Hernandez used with permission by 2Rs Entertainment and Media.

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