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Friday, June 3, 2011

"Maintaining A Thankful Spirit" by Mary E. Gilder

Recently, I was asked to revisit this topic because we need to fed wisdom continuously. Especially as it pertains to: Having a Thankful Spirit, Faith, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace, Kindness and did I say Love.

With that said, I have spent the last several months re-assessing my life. I shared with Cyrus during my last interview on Conversations Radio Live Show, how I’m in a transition. How many of you feel that within your life you are being called to make a shift; being called to reassess your journey.

If you are a person who is skeptical of change, this can be overwhelming. Many of you at this very moment may feel as though you are in the midst of yet, another storm; your personal storm or journey. And for many finding your way through it can leave you feeling as though you are traveling through a maze and at times life can make you feel like you are stuck in a maze. You may feel as though, everywhere you turn there is a road block. While in that maze for most, it can be difficult to remember the value in your existence and what you should be THANKFUL for. Because in that moment, you may feel as though, the world is weighing down on you. The people of Japan know what it is I’m talking about, the residents of Haiti know what it is I’m referring too, all those impacted by Hurricane Katrina are feeling me and all those impacted by the recent tornado's understand this message. You see, many times when we are in our personal storm, we seek out support and we are met with unsympathetic ears, judgment or our level of faith is questioned. Because within that moment, our moment, many may see, hear or feel our despair.

Sometimes, the needed prescription is simply in the form of a hug, validation or just a reminder that this moment will pass. You know, we all have had those moments, moments when we doubt or question. But it is during those struggles, that you come to discover, just how resilient you truly are. Working through those struggles allows growth to manifest.

Let’s focus back on the maze, as you travel through that maze, which is reflective of your life, each corner you turn, every bump you encounter, challenges you to trust in GODS promise that he will not lead you astray, that HE has your back and that every STEP BACK is not a SET BACK. It took me awhile to learn that very powerful lesson but I got it!!! And that every road block is not necessarily a block of your potential. Perhaps, you are actually being directed down a path that leads to new opportunities and a greater sense of self awareness.

My Message To You Is To Stay Thankful:
In the midst of your journey never lose touch with all GOD has done within your life. You may have lost your home, your marriage, your job and your dream car but you are still here, be THANKFUL:
- Be THANKFUL for the people who have crossed your life. Perhaps, every experience was not pleasant but you learned something from it.
-Be THANKFUL for the people who love you and the people you love.
-Be THANKFUL of how GOD has blessed all of us with special gifts. Perhaps, you have not tapped into yours at this very moment but HE did not forget you.
-Be THANKFUL that GOD loves you unconditionally and has instilled within you the power to forgive others as well as, yourself
-Be thankful of your journey. Your stay here is simply a short visit but GOD allowed you to be born.
-BE THANKFUL as you make a list outlining all that you are THANKFUL for and the very next time you have one of those moments, pull your list out and read it. Read it over and over again and over and over again and over again.

Never forget that as a Nation we set aside one day out of each year to focus on having a THANKFUL spirit and we do it big. However, it is important that we maintain a THANKFUL spirit each and every day.

Love, Peace and Endless Joy,
Mary E. Gilder-Author of the award winning novel, A Misrepresentation of Myself,

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