Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FUNKGHOST: Using Influences From The Past To Create Music For The Future

by Cyrus Webb for Conversations Magazine/Shadow Play Entertainment

The man called the “Morris Day of Hip Hop” is relishing in the acclaim his singles “The Way I Rock My Clothes” and "I'm Your DJ" are getting, but remains focused on the goal of just giving the world good music. Known in the business as Funkghost, the Tampa, FL native has always been around beats. His father was a part-time dj, and Funkghost was a fan of the 8 tracks around him and was drawn to music made by artists like Run DMC.

Throughout the years he has always tried to show his support for any creative endeavor, looking for ways to build on his personal brand. As he began to build his reputation, Funkghost knew it was just as important to sell who you are as a person as it is to get your music out to the masses.

Over the years he has been asked for his advice by new artists who are trying to break into the business or that are looking for staying power. What does he tell them? “Don’t sign anything with anyone until you have your paperwork and yourself together legally. You have to protect your name and your image at the same time.”

Funkghost also draws on his own means of staying grounded for the next tip. “Surround yourself with successful people. Relationships are key. Make sure you are in a position where you are keeping all options and doors open.” He also understands what it takes to make it in a business like the music industry that changes everyday. "You have to love what you do. If you are doing it for any reason other than your love of the music, it's not going to work."

Looking back over his career in the entertainment business, Funkghost sees himself as a more seasoned artist and definitely more confident in who he is and what he represents. Above anything, he believes in being true to himself.

When asked how he defines success, Funkghost says it is getting new people to know who he is and to hear his music. Because of this, he is always taking advantage of new and innovative ways of connecting with people such as the social networking sites. He sees them as an invaluable way of reaching new heights as he continues forward with his career.

You can hear Funkghost's interview on Conversations LIVE! with host Cyrus Webb by clicking here. To find out more about Funkghost, go to or follow him on Twitter at

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