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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PROFILE: Recording Artist Street Fame

by Cyrus Webb

For San Francisco, CA native Jont'e Amerson, it seemed that his journey to become a recording artist was inevitable. He was young when he first realized the power of the beats and words that make up the musical genre known as Hip Hop, but he knew it was something he wanted to be a part of. "The lyrics spoke to me," he says. "They were talking about things that I could relate to, things I had seen and knew about."

Foremost as his teachers through music were Tupac and others heavyweights like DMX. With their example and his drive, he went from just loving their music to writing and producing his own. Why Hip Hop and not another form of music? For Amerson aka Street Fame the answer was simple. "Hip Hop spoke the language of the streets. It was my language, and nothing else out there was connecting to me that way."

That connection and his passion for music seem to really take hold in late 2001 and has only grown since then. When asked how his family and friends have responded to the path he has chosen, Street says that on the surface they have been supportive. "You never know what they really think inside," he adds, "but they all seem to be behind me."

With that support it is his hope that he can take this lyrical journey all the way to the top, representing the Bay but producing music that the world will love.

When it comes to his ideal of success, Street says it is more about a feeling of achievement than about things that you possess. "It's hard to put in words," he says,"because it's different for everyone. Just like love. You just know it when you have it."

Currently Street Fame is promoting his single "Cool Points" and is working on a mixtape and a album. Stay in contact with him at and For more information, email

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