Monday, August 29, 2011

"Dating and Relationships In 2011"

by Meg Collins

Remember those amazing days when you would go to a school dance or mixer, be asked to dance by a cute guy, and dance all night long? Sadly, you would part ways, he would ask for your number, you would wait anxiously by the phone and all your girlfriends were giggling about it because he was kind of cute, and without hesitation, he would call you the very next morning? What happened to those times in life, where meeting someone was utterly easy and non-complicated? Letterman jackets, class rings, going steady; those days are gone, my friends. A new time and a new era is upon us in meeting someone of utter value and potential to share our lives with in 2011.

Eye dating, speed dating, online dating websites, craigslist, and so many more venues are prevalent. Tell me, where do you go to meet people of true value? I have been told to go to hospital libraries, and my local church. My Mother used to tell me to go to the most elite places and she had me in Cotillion until nearly High School. I could not stand it and I left; today, I wonder what parts of my life may have been different by staying in those foxtrot classes with girls and boys I barely knew in my life. We used to get in two lines, as we were partnered up with our dancing partners in that fashion. I always seemed to get the boy who stepped on my feet all the time.

Now in 2011, dating seems to be an utter challenge. There seem to be so many rules and regulations. I feel like I have created the handbook for potential dating. Does he call his Mother at least twice a week? Does he put his cell phone up or down on the table when you are with him? When receiving many calls on a date, does he kick them to voicemail, not letting you know who was calling so many times on the phone? Is he separated or divorced? Has he served prison time? Does he see his children frequently? Does he owe back child support? Is he consistent? I must add, a “Normal, “date includes a full meal at a restaurant, am I correct in saying that, folks? (Fast food does not count for a real date).

Calls past 10pm is a no go my friends. Stay true to your uniqueness and your inner spirituality and the man or woman will soon thereafter follow in God’s time and not our own, does true love manifest in your life. When your insides truly match your outsides, only then can you give yourself fully of spirit to another human being. Tell me, if you are single, how is dating going for you? I want to hear from you today. Email me at and let’s talk so I can share your stories.

Let me be your "Dear Meg" columnist. Be well and of good spirit and cheer, always being true to you and your inner calling in life.

Meg Collins is a Radio Host, Editor, Ghostwriter, Author, Poet and guest columnist for Conversations Magazine.


  1. Great subject matter - and a very good article.
    Marsha Cook

  2. Awww Meg this is great.... great advice and Im so happy for you... this is a great thing your doing. people should know your an amazing human being and I for one will be reading !! :) Have a wonderful weekend !!

  3. Dear Meg will replace Dear Abby in our memories soon I your style...