Thursday, December 1, 2011

APRIL PICKERING: Using Passion To Enjoy Success

by Cyrus Webb
California native April Pickering has known for some time that she had a larger purpose for her life than just to work. It was her desire to make a difference in the process. In 2011 she released her book PASSION = SUCCESS, a handy guide that uses her own example as a way for people to see the difference they can make in their own lives.
I enjoyed the book so much I had her as a guest on Conversations LIVE not long after reading it, and it was chosen as one of our Top 150 Books of 2011. In this conversation she takes you behind the scenes to the woman she has become and what it feels like to be making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world through her book and the brand she is building.
Here is our conversation:
April, thank you for taking out the time to talk with us. I want to talk about your book PASSION =SUCCESS in a moment, but I want to first start by asking you about how you got to this point. When did you realize that you deserved to be successful?        
I'm not sure that I ever realized I deserved to be successful. I have always felt that I wanted to do my best no matter where I worked whether it was fast food, retail, or clerical work. If you are passionate about your job someone will always take notice. Once you receive recognition, there is no better feeling, and it only makes you want to challenge yourself to take it to the next level.
In reading your book I can tell that you have been on a journey to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life. How has it been using your own experiences to help others?    
People are always inspired once they hear my story of how I was forced to take charged of my own life at nine years old, and with only a ninth grade education was able to work my way up the corporate ladder.  I wrote a book about my story, and I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from readers that are using the techniques in the book. One reader applied the techniques from the chapter Job Interviews and was hired for her dream job.
The book PASSION=SUCCESS helps individuals make the most out of whatever their profession or passion might be. Passion is something that is not always easy to nurture because of the negativity around us. How have you been able not to lose yours?  
Negativity isn't an option for me. When I find myself thinking negative I always think about the positive things in my life. Looking back at the difficult challenges I faced in my childhood and was able to overcome. Everyone can find a way to use their current situation to look back at difficult times in their life, and use their strength to move forward.  I have always had the passion to be the best I could be and always look for the upside.  Anyone can be negative that's easy. A positive attitude takes hard work especially when things are tough. 
I also got from your book that a great deal of what we expect of ourselves has to do with how we see ourselves. Is self-love something that is a continual battle for you, and how would you tell our readers how they can stay in love with themselves? 
I made the conscious decision at nine years old I was important enough to love myself because, I did not have the guidance of my parents and I knew I needed to take charge of my own life. You don't need the guidance and support of anyone you just need to love your self enough to move forward.
You include inspirational quotes in the book as well. Why has it been important for you to use those day-to-day and why would you tell others they should look for similar written encouragement?  It's hard to stay positive and inspired on a daily basis, especially these days with high unemployment, and all of the issues our country is facing right now. We all need inspiration to put our best foot forward.  Never underestimate the power of the right words. The right words at the right time can be a life changing experience. Oprah Winfrey says this: "The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work."
Outside of the book you have other projects going on. It seems as though you are branding yourself using your passion as core of your business. What would you say to those who are looking for what their own passion in life might be?
Passion is individual for each person. You need to find what you enjoy doing, and make a list of what you like to do. If you enjoy working with children you could work part time at a summer camp. If you love animals volunteer at your local animal shelter. If you enjoy caring for people you can volunteer at your local hospital. Once you find your true passion it will give you a sense of purpose in life.
If you had to sum up what you hope readers take away from your book, what would it be?
Anything is obtainable if you put your mind to it. You can in fact reach success in your job or career at any age, any stage in life no matter what your circumstances.   It doesn't matter how you start off in life, what you do with your life is what matters. 
Thanks again for your time, April. How can our readers find out more information about you and get their copy of the book? 
Readers who are interested in purchasing my book can visit my website All books purchased through the website are personally signed by me. The book can also be purchased on and You can find out more information about me on facebook passion = success.

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