Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kip Kreiling: Learning To Move Forward, Leaving THE IMPOSTER Behind

by Cyrus Webb

Don't think it is possible for certain people to change? Then let me introduce you to Kip Kreiling. If you had met him growing up you would have probably believed that as the case. In my interview with him on Conversations LIVE in 2010 he told me that although he was not trying to earn the worst childhood award, his was quite painful. Picture it: he was arrested three times before he was 10, 11 times before he was 14. He was also a person who because of the world he found himself in got involved with drugs quite early as well. That is not the person he is today.

The Kip Kreiling that you meet today is a successful executive who has earned the respect of his peers and has even founded his own non-profit foundation called Transformation Help (see He is helping others to take their lives into their own hands and realize their own value.

Like others who have gone through a dramatic shift in their lives, Kip didn't share his background for quite some time. In fact it wasn't until his book THE IMPOSTER? was released that he began talking openly about his past. Doing so has not only been inspiring for others but liberating for him as well. In his book Kip writes this: "I believe that our mind is the mechanism that determines what we do and who we are. By changing our mind, we can change who we are. (p. 220)"

When asked what he hopes readers take away from the book and his story, Kip says this: "I want people to know that they can completely change." He went on to say that things might seem impossible until you do it. That is such a great lesson for all of us who might be looking at obstacles in our lives and wondering how we can ever move them. Kip shows us that if we are being authentic and don't give up we will find the way to make the impossible possible.

Visit for more information about Kip and the book.

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