Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, December 1, 2011


by Jerome Cooper

     Music is a powerful art that unites people across cultural and racial barriers.  It
brings people together and separates them. Does music have an effect of people?  It is a
debating question, but from talking with people from various walks of life it does.  We
all can agree that music actually started in heaven where it was originated to be used to
worship God.  After the rebellion of Satan, music took on a different task beside
worship. Now, I will boldly say that the main purpose of music is and was to worship God.

     The interesting thing is the same affect music has on people in the church setting;
it has on people in the club setting.  The congregation is shouting and praising God
because of who He is and the blessing He has bestowed upon them. Those in the club are
dancing and partying because they want to get their groove on. Church is the outlet the
Christian people while the club is the outlet for those who like to party.   Music is so
powerful that I have seen it make people feel happy and joyful when they were depressed. 
It is almost like the electric soundwaves gets into your body and quickens it.

     There are those who say that gangster rap music often cause people to go out and
commit horrendous crimes.  The lyrics often provoke them along with the beat of the
music.  Some people disagree with that.  It is the same when people say that certain R&B
music often set the scene for sex because of the words and the slow jam beat.  Even in
church, the organ, piano, and choir often get people stirred up and shouting.  Wow! You
see all the similarities of how music can affect people but some people still will say it
is a debatable issue.  

     Ultimately, it goes back to where did music began.  It began in heaven for the
purpose of worshipping God.  Spiritually speaking, we have to be careful because behind
everything there is a spiritual force that actually has an influence on the music we
listen to.  Music does has an effect on people. 

NOTE: The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect Conversations Magazine and its parent company Shadow Play Entertainment. Author Jerome Cooper can be reached at and on Facebook.

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