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Monday, February 27, 2017

Model/Actor/Fitness Trainer Derrick Foreman shares his path to success

Taking a true leap of faith Derrick Foreman left his home state and traveled to Los Angeles to pursue his goals and dreams---and it has paid off for him in a big way. In an exclusive first interview he talked with Conversations' Cyrus Webb about how he was able to identify what he wanted out of life, and the steps he has taken to get where he is and where he wants to go.

In a wide-ranging interview the two discussed when Derrick developed his comfort level in his own skin and how by embracing his imperfections he has been able to walk in confidence and his own personal power.  Along the way he has been able to garner fans from around the world thanks to social media and inspire people around him.

What has kept him from giving up when the challenges come? "That definitely came from my father and my mother," Derrick said during the interview. "They had faith in everything that they wanted to do. They worked for it, continued to push for it. I took that, and I looked at my life and I was like 'I am an entertainer. I can be an entertainer, so I'm going to be an entertainer. I'm going to be an actor. I'm going to be a model. I'm going to be a fitness trainer, and I just kept going.

"People talk down about what you want to do," he added, "and I didn't let that stop me."

Listen to the full interview below:

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