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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Morton, Mississippi's Shay Hodge Shares Journey of Family, Football & Faith in Upcoming Book

At 29 year old Vareion Deshay "Shay" Hodge of Morton, MS has accomplished things that many would see as impossible both on and off the football field. Now as a new year begins he is excited to announce that he is writing a book about his experiences and how he made it to where he is and how others can do the same.

“I’m still young and able to see my dreams continue to come true,” says Hodge. “I’ve done a lot in my life already, and though it hasn’t been easy, I want others to know that they can achieve great things regardless of where they are from or what others may think about them.”

Hodge is working with media personality and fellow Mississippian Cyrus Webb (author of WORDS I CHOOSE TO LIVE BY and co-author of 6 children's books) on the project. Webb, host of the radio show Conversations LIVE, has interviewed him in the past on the air and encouraged him to write his story. “What Shay has done is a reminder for all of us regardless of our profession or interest what it takes to be successful,” Webb says. “I’m glad he will be able to share that message in this book.”

Along with covering his career in football that led to Ole Miss University, Hodge will also talk about the challenges he faced growing up, what it was like to overcome obstacles and even how some of his professional ambitions were sidelined due to physical challenges. Ultimately he hopes that by sharing his story people will release that with faith, hard work and dedication you can make it through any circumstances.

“Things might not always turn out the way you want them to,” Hodge says, “but the important thing to realize is that if you keep moving forward you can continue to achieve great things and encourage others to do the same.”

The book is scheduled to be released later this year. Before the release Hodge will be discussing the topics of the book and his life through speaking engagements and interviews. Those looking to book Hodge can reach him at or at 601.842.6790.

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