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Friday, December 20, 2019

Mary Ellen Ciganovich: Sharing Her T.R.U.T.H. with the world daily

by Cyrus Webb

If you are someone who is looking for daily inspiration and positivity then look no further than Mary Ellen Ciganovich. She and I have been friends for years and in 2018 she released her book T.R.U.T.H that has spawned a media brand that includes a weekly show on Instagram and a daily radio segment through Conversations Daily News. 

In this chat we discuss the year that's been 2019, what it's been like for her to overcome challenges and remind us all of what is possible. 

Mary Ellen, a lot going on with you this year. Not only are you still celebrating your book T.R.U.T.H. (Taking Responsibility Unleashing True Healing) but you are also the co-host of the live show “Truth of the Day” as well as the host of your own daily segment called “Truth of the Day”. What has it been like for you to see how the “Truth of the Day” brand has grown? 
It definitely has been an amazing journey, a dream coming to fruition and full of so many wonderful blessings along the way. 

Did you know when you started sharing the “Truth of the Day” messages online that they would expand the way that they have?  
I began writing the “Truth of the day” posts in a way to promote my first book,” Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire.” I thought if people enjoyed my “Truth” posts they would enjoy,” Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire. “ The Truth of the day posts really took off and while my first book did well, my readers kept urging me to write  T.R.U.T.H book or a book of my daily posts. So I sat down and took an entire year to write, “ T.R.U.T.H  Taking Responsibility Unleashes True Healing.”

You have definitely had your challenges and setbacks in life, Mary Ellen. What has kept you pushing onward?
The one thing that has always kept me moving forward is my Faith – and also my readers! Every time I would think about quitting writing my Truth of the day posts God would send a reader with a comment about how that particular posts helped them or kept them going. My readers reinforced my own faith that I must continue writing in order to aid in the healing of our society. 

Do you think one of the reasons your message is reaching so many is because they can resonate with your journey?
Everyone has a journey and ALL of us face difficulties no matter what we look like or economic level we come from. We are all here to learn and WAKE UP to so many incorrect societal truths. My Truth of the day posts resonate with so many people because I know people are searching for the Truth and they are tired of having superficial, platonic answers tossed their way. 

We have all heard the saying ‘do it afraid’. How have you been able to face the fear in your own life and do things that might have scared you at one time? 
This is a tough question, and the answer is simple as God put me in a place where I had no choice. It was either face your fear or ( in my case) allow my MS monster to take over. I also had a near death experience- way back – in 1974 . After a very horrible experience, I attempted suicide by taking an entire bottle of pills. I was in a coma for 3 days and went to a very dark cold place first until a doorway opened and a very beautiful bright light appeared. I floated up to it only to be told by Christ /God that what I had done was very bad and I had many purposes to fulfill on Earth. As soon as the door slammed shut I was awake and in intensive care. Hopefully now I am completely some of that purpose. So as you can imagine,  fear is not an option. 

The book T.R.U.T.H. has 366 messages for us to read and reflect on. How did the book come about? 
As a result of trying to promote my first book. It also has 366 because my Father in law, who is now passed on was born on leap year so the extra day is for him! The peacock is on the cover because peacock’s get their beautiful tail feather colors from eating thorns. The harder the thorn is to digest the more beautiful color in the tail. I relate this to all of us going through our trials and tribulations.  As we learn we become beautiful people living in peace and harmony.

Ego is one of those things you have written and talked about a lot. Why is it so important to keep the ego in check when pursuing your passion and going day to day in life?  
I call the ego – our devil.  Your ego will get you into trouble every time. Ego is full of expectations,  motives and judgments. Your ego is full of worry, doubt and self loathing, even when you think it isn’t.  Your ego and your thinking self need to be quiet while you listen to your intuitions, knowing’s, and God which will always speak to you from your soul level when you are quiet .(or your gut)

Like I said lots of great things already happening. What is next for you?  
I have no idea what is next . I do have a new book outlined and an autobiography that no one would believe.  I think I will just see where God leads me. 

Any advice for those out there who are on the fence about pursuing their goals and dreams?
The advice I would give to everyone listening is to follow your passion. Do not allow any one or anything to stop you. Ask yourself,  what do you love to do? Then go about finding a way to make money by doing it. 

Thanks again for the time, Mary Ellen. Your book T.R.U.T.H. is available on Amazon. How can our readers stay connected with you and get T.R.U.T.H. for themselves?
My website is

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