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Monday, January 17, 2011

MICHAEL SILAS: Dancing Into His Destiny (2011)

by Cyrus Webb The first time I ever heard of dancer Michael Silas was on BRAVO's reality show STEP IT UP AND DANCE, but his career began long before that national experience. For many, being on a show like that would be the momentum needed to open up doors for the future. In Michael's case, he had been knocking down doors long before that tv appearance, and he hasn't stopped since. You see, for Michael, dancing is not just something he does. It's a reflection of who he is and what he is capable of in the future. So far his skills have granted him access to working with celebrities like Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Neyo, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga; and his brand continues to expand has he is featured in movies like The Longest Yard and commercials. At the end of the day, though, Michael is not defined by who he works on but the work in progress that he sees himself as being. This interview has been three years in the making, and I'm pleased to share a glimpse into the world of man that is truly using his abilities to dance into his destiny. When did you realize that dancing was something you were passionate about? To be honest, my passion with dance for awhile was something I struggled with. The inconsistency of the dance hustle was truly a test on my whole being when I first moved to LA. I thought I knew passion, but I would soon discover that my passion for life and dance would pull me through. My appreciation for passion became more understandable when the movement called Lady Gaga entered my life. To see something I love called Dance change my life the way it has is when I really knew this would for ever be my passion. So to answer Dance is still becoming my passion on a daily basis. It never stops... Michael, confidence is something that many young people struggle with. What about you? Confidence will always be a on going struggle for people, its the way society works in away. Always judging people or things, I call it people being absent minded to there own ignorance. Including myself. Confidence starts from within, it;s a daily struggle because each day brings a new test. So inside I tell myself, I am a special person born to be my own individual the way god created me: beautiful, unique, gifted and a Rock Star! So no matter what people think or say about you, know it's ok to be different and walk in confidence with your head held up! Have you always been confident in your abilities and what you were able to do? Yes and no. You have to be confident within yourself before u can truly approach it head on. The mind can be a tricky thing, but I reverse the doubt and utilize it to prove myself wrong! If you think u cant do it, guess what then you won't. I learned a valuable quote from Laurie Ann Gibson that I have really applied to my own life: You are only as great as you allow yourself to be, so be great dammit! (laughs) Before you were on national tv, you had the pleasure of working with many well-known individuals. Give our readers a rundown of some of the people you have had the pleasure to work with. See when I get asked this question it always makes me feel some kinda way, I never want anyone to think I'm cocky when I talk about what I like to call blessings in my life. I'm so grateful and humbled by the journey I've been blessed to be on. I've worked with artist like Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Neyo, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles, Cassie. When it comes to choreographers, I have worked with Laurie Ann Gibson, Brian Friedman, Hi Hat, Frank Gatson, Richard Jackson, Mikey Minden, Jerri Slaughter, Tabitha & Napolean, Dave Scott, Leville Smith, and Todd Smith. I also been fortunate to do movies like The Longest Yard as well as commercials for AT&T Go Phone, and Puma. Michael, how did the experience of being on BRAVO's STEP IT UP AND DANCE assist you in getting the word out about who you were and open up new doors? It did help me a bit, but I was already a professional dancer before the show so I had some small buzz from that and being a former Mr Gay Texas. Step It Up And Dance open the doors on a universal level,I had no clue that it would air outside of the USA. That took me off guard and when I began to travel abroad on the Tour I started seeing that it really did get my face out there. When I caught back up with you last year you were on tour as part of the Haus of Gaga. How has this experience changed your life? I don't even know where to begin, because its done so much for my life and being. I've learned so much about myself through this journey, it's brought a over whelming amount of happiness to me being able to live out my dreams on THIS type of stage while traveling the world with such amazing people...priceless, however its taught me no matter how high you go in your life always stay grounded and true to yourself for these blessings come from a higher power. Patience is key in the journey to happiness, and let the simple things in life bring that to you! With all of the attention you have been able to get, what do you hope those who might look at you as an example will take away from your journey so far? That I go through it with most genuine approach that I can, inspiring people with my story and testimony. Don't be afraid to really be who or whatever you want to be, u don't have to live in the box called society's standards! Beat to your own drum and know what beat that is for it's the very being of who you are! Success is a word that can be personal for each person. At this point in your career, what does success mean to you? To me success is my happiness these days, as a kid growing up I use to have these outrageous goals that I never dreamed possible. Well now that my dreams are reality on a daily basis its surreal that I can say I've become successful! I've developed this new love for teaching workshops around the world and through them I spread the message that success and happiness is such a personal thing, don't hold it to anyone else's standards but your own. You can't please them all so always make sure its starts within self! What do you hope people take away from your life and how you are living your dreams today? I hope I can inspire or make someones day with my story. I know how it feels to live life not feeling like you fit in or feeling different. Use that very uniqueness god created you with to be a INDIVIDUAL. To Laurie Ann Gibson, Richard Jackson, and LG thank you so much for showing me what it is to live with your wings spread, go through life fearless and staying true to self. Doors are always meant to be knocked down if not opened for you! So make sure you have a strong foot! Thank you for your time, Michael. How can our readers find out more about you and keep in touch with you? You can find me online at or My personal website coming soon!

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