Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recording Artist K. Drew: Following His Passion & Fulfilling His Dreams

At the age of 20, recording artist K. Drew is giving the music industry a run for its money. Born with music in his blood and destined to make it in the business, he knew early on that no matter what, he had to pursue his passion. Instead of waiting around for the perfect deal, the New Jersey native took his career in his won hands, began his own company and has been garnering fans from all around the world ever since.

With a new year here, K. Drew* has already set his goals high, touring and even releasing an album. He talked with Conversations Magazine's Cyrus Webb about the journey, the drive and what his tens of thousands of fans can expect from him next.

(*     Listen to K. Drew's interview on Conversations LIVE Radio with Cyrus Webb here:

When did you first realize that you were interested in singing and music?
I must have been around 13 or 14 when I got interested in the creation of music but music has always been a part of my life ever since I was born. So there was never a realization of what I was doing, it just came naturally and I always loved doing it.

Was it something that your family encouraged?
Most definitely, my dad was a musician and touring with a band when I was growing up. So when I decided to do music after high school, my family completed understood.  

When you look back at your own musical interests, who have been some of your influences?
Growing up I listened to everything from Pop to Rock-N-Roll and even classical. My main influence was definitely Michael Jackson but I feel that many rock bands such as Sound Garden and the Beatles influenced me a great deal as well.


K, can you tell us when you decided that this was something you really wanted to pursue?
Once high school ended, I decided to give college a try for my parents, however, my heart wasn't into my classroom studies, but in a music studio. I lasted about two weeks – I kept cutting class to come into New York City and work in the studio. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a music artist/producer and I am really lucky my parents have been beyond supportive of my decision to make a career out of my love for music.


How would you describe your style?
Well growing up I listened to all types of music. And also being a producer allows me to explore other musical tapestries. I guess you can say my music is fused between Rock, Pop, Urban and Dance.


Many people look up to those in the public eye as role models. With that being said, what kind of pressure, if any, do you feel about the way you represent yourself?
If anything, making sure I always remain true to be myself no matter what happens. I think a lot of artists become commercialized then end up having nervous breakdowns because they are portraying to be someone they are not. I promised that I would stay original and keep my moral values. Motto: Stay Positive Always. 


Can you tell us about what your fans can look forward to from you in 2011?
Stay tuned for my EP album coming out this February. 


Social networking has done alot to help artists in promoting themselves. What does it feel like to have so many interested in your music?
I love it. I have 100,000 Facebook fans who reach out to me all the time and help inspire me to make more music. 


Thanks for talking with us and continued success to you. How can our readers find out more information about you and your upcoming projects?
You can connect with me anywhere.,,, and

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  1. I think KDrew is an inspiration to today's youth. He shows them that if you truly want something and work at it hard enough that it can be yours. today teens need to see that things don't just fall into your lap, that working for something brings more satisfaction when you get parents are paying cellphone bills for 12 year old that aren't even old enough to hold jobs...teaching our children to work for things they want is building them a better future..they can't go to college and become what we want for them without working for it..Props to KDrew for always keeping it real!