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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cash Money Artist and Urban Author Collab On Literary Soundtrack

It all began with a chance meeting over two years ago, now Young Money Cash Money
Billionaire's recording artist Big Chief and Mr. Mean Mug, author of TATTOO TEARS, are announcing their collaboration on a book/mixtape combo called Eat Greedy Girls: The Last Supper.

"Big Chief was doing a concert at this venue,and I was doing a booksigning at the
same event," says Mean Mug, explaining how this all came about. "Chief's
manager had read my book TATTOO TEARS and knew who I was. After meeting, Chief and I
decided we wanted to work together in some way. I asked him if i can write his story, and he said go ahead."

That was in 2008. Now the result of that partnership is Eat Greedy Girl. "The book
Eat Greedy Girls is about five different women who have all different types of walks of life," says Mean Mug. "Eat Greedy is about determination to get what you want.
These women are all working to get what they want by any means necessary. You can be a doctor, lawyer, stripper, teacher or whatever. Eat Greedy is about going about what you want do the fullest."

What is the connection with Big Chief and the book Eat Greedy Girls? Chief's label is called Eat Greedy Boyz, and he has even recorded a song called I NEED AN EAT GREEDY GIRL. The Cash Money recording artist is also the star of the book.

With a blazing mixtape soundtrack to accompany it, this is one literary release that will definitely have the music industry buzzing. For more information about The Eat Greedy Girls project, contact Mr.Mean Mug at or visit Interview request for the project can be directed to Cyrus Webb of Shadow Play Entertainment at or 601.896.5616.

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