Friday, May 13, 2011

Josh Hadar: Creating Beauty, Awareness One Piece At A Time

"Artists have a responsibility to not only create visually pleasing installations but also a social need to be leaders in the environmental movement and I hope that my work will not only excite the art community but also inspire change."
--Josh Hadar

Josh Hadar is the Founder and Owner of Hadar Metal Design , an eco-conscious design group that creates one-of-a-kind custom bikes and environmental installations. Josh began Hadar Metal Design after a storied career as a proprietor in the nightlife and theater worlds. Through ownership of those venues, Josh's love and appreciation for design grew to new heights and Hadar began pursuing a passion for metal sculpture.

His early work with reclaimed building materials and broken bicycles from the streets of New York developed into an exploration of the relationship between biological and technological forms. Hadar was drawn to the art of metal sculpting by its structural fluidity and lack of strict aesthetic rules, which encouraged the self-taught artist to learn the particulars of metal design in order to create original installations. Eventually, Hadar learned so much through experimentation that he began making hybrid bikes, for which he envisioned glass, rather than metal, gas tanks. To realize his vision, Josh spent a few weeks training and eventually learned how to blow glass.

Hand blown glass gas tanks are not the only element of Hadar's design installations that are infused with meticulous attention to detail. He also shapes metal without any heat or electric equipment (often around lamp posts, trash cans or trees), the leather is hand stitched and each step involved in the creation process is intended to reduce energy emissions.
Today, the team at Hadar Metal Design is working to develop new sculptural art installations that bring evolving environmental technologies to the forefront of the art world. The shop is fully equipped with solar power and is exploring new applications of alternative drive systems and power sources for their bikes and tricycles. The results of this work has earned an enthusiastic and diverse global audience of fine artists, craftspeople, environmental scientists, engineers, technicians and social activists who bring their knowledge and energy to the development of new projects. Josh Hadar and Hadar Metal Design will continue to create intelligent, visually stimulating, functioning works of art that will remain eco-conscious and culturally admired as he persists within the design industry.
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