Sunday, January 1, 2012

C. A. Webb Presents BLESSED

For years Mississippi native Cyrus Webb (known as C. A. Webb) has been a supporter of the power of words. Now in 2012 he prepares to deliver his own through the serialized novel BLESSED.

BLESSED will take readers into the intricate worlds of religion and politics, asking them do they really know where success and good fortune come from. You will meet Pastor Ezekiel James, who has enjoyed a historic legacy that is amplified by the remarkable success of his family. For almost 40 years he has been one of the most recognizable faces and names of faith around the world, and that favor seemed to be passed on to his seed, fraternal twins Rebecca and his namesake Ezekiel.

Born with the world seemingly at their feet, Ezekiel continued in the example of his father while Rebecca chose politics, a course that would introduce her to Jeremiah Reynolds. He wants to see a change come to the country. With the support of the James family, Jeremiah would gain influence that leads him to the offices of Mayor, Governor and even the White House, becoming the first man of color to become President.

As Reynolds enters his second year in the Oval Office, two wars are waging around the world; however, the United States is more worried about a mysterious flu that is targeting the elderly and youth with deadly consequences. When it threatens the youngest of the James family and even the First Family, a secret is revealed that threatens to destroy not just the trust of a family and The White House but the safety, security and souls of the entire world...

IN THE BEGINNING, the first book of the series, will be released in installments through Conversations Magazine beginning January 2012 and later as a novella. Details about BLESSED can be found at


We live in a world where the simple truth is there are those who have and those who don't. To some, those who have are seen as blessed. They might have overcome tremendous obstacles to get where they are. In the case of others, they may have been born into the right family or find themselves in the right place at the right time. Still others have not come into their success honestly. This brings up an important question: Do all blessings and success come from the same place?

Like many of you, I read the Bible not just for encouragement but the educational aspect as well. It was during a reading of the book of Genesis in 2009 that I realized something that never occurred to me before. The Bible tells us that Adam, the father of mankind, was nine hundred and thirty years old when he died (Gen. 5:5), but there is no record of Eve's demise.

That sparked something within my imagination. What if the reason there was no documentation of Eve's death is because she never died? What if the Devil was able to give her the ability to live as long as he did as one of his followers on earth? It was a controversial yet intriguing idea, so I began to write it down. Before long I had an outline for a series of events that put good and evil literally face to face with each other.

Eve was reinvented in my book as Evelina Morales, one of the leaders in the Devil's organization called The League. She has as her opposition on earth strong men and women of faith as well as the angelic organization Heavenly Messengers of the World led by archangel Michael Silver. Though the overall mission of The League is to sway as many humans as possible away from God before the end comes, Evelina's agenda is far more personal. She seeks out those with power and influence in the arenas of the church and politics to show that no one is above reproach. This plan leads her into the lives of two men with great potential and ambition: Pastor Ezekiel James Sr. and President Jeremiah Reynolds. They both have accomplished extraordinary things, but who was really behind their successes?

The answer to that question and the consequences of it unfold in this four-part literary series called Blessed.

I hope you will be entertained by the story, but I also want you to give the overall message of Blessed some thought. Does what we have or where we come from really define the kind of person we are? Just because we are committed to a faith or political party, does that mean there is no good in a group we might not totally agree with? And finally, is it true that there are always second chances or opportunities to right a wrong?

Thank you for visiting my world. I hope you enjoy your time here and will return often as the future that is already written continues to reveal itself.

--- C. A. Webb

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