Sunday, January 1, 2012

Journey To YOU

by Cyrus Webb

Are you ready to be the best you possibly can be?

In 2011 one of the most fascinating guests I had the honor to interview on Conversations LIVE was Steve Olsher, author of JOURNEY TO YOU. In that conversation we talked about the steps that all of us can incorporate in order to become the person we were intended to be.

Here are the three principles that Steve shared:

1. GIVE YOURSELF TIME AND PERMISSION TO FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE. This is something that can take time, and should take time as it will determine the way we move forward in the world and the decisions we make along the way. So many times we are bombarded by other's ideals of us. It's time to step up and accept that no one should control your life but you.

2. GET OUT OF DENIAL OF WHAT YOUR "WHAT" IS. This is not something that is always easy, because for many people what they want to do is sometimes catagorized by what they feel as though they can make a living doing or being. If this is the approach you have taken, I think the first thing you might have to do is realize that your passion is something that can't be defined by money. It is really based on what you feel as though you have to do in order to feel happy and complete. If you can identify that and be true to it, then you can make sure you are doing what it takes to pursue it.

3. REATTACH YOURSELF TO WHAT IT IS YOU WERE MEANT TO BE. I have mentioned in the magazine and even the radio show before that when we are young it is sometimes easier to be honest about what we want. There is such passion around it early on, but as life happens and others begin to try and define your purpose, it can be lost. This is your wake up call to remember what it is you love and go for it. If you can do this and not let others stop you from achieving that which is meant for you and that only you can do, then you are on your way to living authentically and as the person you were most designed to be.

What I really appreciated about Steve is his confidence when it comes to inspiring everyone to be the very best of themselves. It's something that is attainable regardless of what you've been through yesterday or last year.

Today can literally be the start of your new life. You just have to believe it and take the steps needed to make it so.

Find out more about Steve and his book by going to

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