Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Francine Locke: Finding "Justice" On Her God-Directed Journey

by Cyrus Webb

Some things just seem to happen, but do they really? I know for me there have been instances where it seems as though things were working out so well that it was just meant to me. I've since come to realize that this is what happens when you are able to realize your own limitations and give yourself over to something larger than yourself.

Actress Francine Locke has also found this to be true. As someone who had over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry she has been involved in commercials, industrial films and modeling. Just a couple of months ago, however, she was filming a new project called A Cry For Justice (formerly Georgia Justice) that is slated for release later this year. Her own personal journey has been one of soul searching and reflection, and now she is using her gift in a way that is sure to inspire others.

"I've taken a different step forward in this industry," she told me. "I want to use what I have been given to bring light to a dark environment. I had been modeling and acting for many years, but it was really just to pay the bills." After taking a ten-year break from the business she has returned with a new outlook on her life, her gift and what she can do with it. "Today I want to use what God gave me to show something more positive."

The change that Francine has experience has a lot to do with the person she's become. "When I first started I was in a different place in my life," she explains.. "Right now I am at a different place spiritually. This has led me to accept who I am and what God wanted me to be." When referring to the entertainment world she points out the difference in the perception versus the reality. "It's not the glamour lifestyle that is depicted. It's just work. It's a job." What makes it different for her this time around, though, is her own motive towards that job. "Today the way I feel is that I am finally where I belong."

Francine role in the upcoming film A Cry For Justice is that of Jackie Carpenter, someone who is no stranger to Conversations Magazine or Conversations LIVE radio show. The project is based on Jackie's own journey of faith as outlined in her books THE BRIDGE and GEORGIA JUSTICE. "It has been such a God-directed journey," Francine told me. In fact when Jackie saw Francine her words to her "We've been praying for Jackie to show up, and it's you."

A Cry For Justice was exactly the kind of project that fit where Francine is in her life now. "It's something that I feel like I am completely suited for," she says. "When I read the script I could say that I know the feelings of frustrations of wanting to be in control and having to give it all up to God."

That is what both Francine and I believe viewers of the film will be able to take away from it: how much Jackie's journey of faith is really all of our journey.

With Francine's experiences in the industry has come invaluable advice that she is more than willing to share with others. "I feel so empowered to tell people to do what is good in your heart. You don't have to say yes to everything. It's up to you to  make the right choices. There is a reason why you are put where you are at."

For actors and actresses she share this nugget: "Do all the work you can as long as it is up to your moral standards. The right projects will 'suddenly' show up. You can continue to work in this environment to grow your craft and to grow yourself spiritually."

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