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Friday, June 22, 2012

TOUGH LOVE with Meg Collins

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you stayed in a relationship that you left due to harboring resentments or due to cheating, violence, or lack of communication?

I recently watched a movie called, “Fireproof,” and this couple struggled due to lack of time for one another and their relationship. They had both given up, until the husband’s Father stepped in and said that to salvage his relationship and marriage; he went on a 40 day journey to do something different for his partner every single day. In this book that the Father had written to his Son, he continues to encourage him not to give up and to continue his pursuit of happiness in his marriage. He buys flowers, chocolates, makes her coffee before work, gets her cold medicine, calls to check on her at work; she noticed nothing because they had done nothing for one another for so long.

How do you get back something that you lost in life, folks? Do you let it go and move forward with your life? Are you holding onto the past so tightly that it feels like it is strangling your very being of existence? Do you think that your time is up with life and that God has forgotten about you and passed you by for someone more important? Letting go of our faults, errors, and mistakes is a challenge. Moving forward is crucial, as we delve into a new spiritual journey of existence and let go of those who hurt us or the ones we hold so dearly.

Some days this is a tough task for many people, including me, however, I must believe that God is there; omnipresent in all my trials. I must believe that He can hear me and that He has not forgotten about me and what I have gone through and been through in my life; what I am struggling to get out of in my barren existence some days. We always have gratitude for all things that come our way and as humans, we do make mistakes and fall, fail, falter, give up, lose hope, and then something happens; we are inspired by the Bible or a mere strangers words to our very soul.

Stuck in a rut is an option. We choose to be stuck. That couple chose to be stuck and they stayed together in the end, because of faith and perseverance. I am not just speaking about relationships; I am talking about your very life and your very happiness, right now, today. Are you happy? Make a list and review why you are unhappy and what is triggering your emotional instability. For most of us it may be just a few things. For others, it may seem a meaningless existence.

I am here to tell you that you DO have worth and that you DO have meaning in my life and the lives of others as well. Change your attitude and thought process to one that is positive; maybe you are not around positive people today. The people we tend to hang out with are the very people we can hence become in our lives. Choose you today; choose uniqueness, character, faith, and hold on, hold on for your very life. This life only happens one time for all of us; then we answer to what we have done on this earth.  Tell me, what have you done and are you ready to meet your Maker?

Meg Collins is a columnist, author, radio show host, editor and ghostwriter. You can contact her with your thoughts on this article at or follow her on Twitter at

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