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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooper's Pack: Using Books (and Toys) To See The World

by Cyrus Webb

As soon as I heard about Cooper's Pack, I knew this would be something great for my nephew Atavion.

He, like me, loves books. And if there is something that he loves almost as much it is a good toy. With Cooper's Pack he is able to get both and so much more.

Cooper's Pack is not only a great way to get your child or young person in your neighborhood reading, but it also teaches them about places in the world and does it in a fun way. Led by Cooper, you are able to tag along with him and his friends, going on an adventure that is sure to have you smiling and entertained from beginning to end.

Cooper's Pack includes children's travel guides, plush toys, travel apps, games, and education. Cooper has published 4 books including New York City, London, Seattle, and Alaska.

The Cooper’s Pack children’s travel guide series follows the journey of the main character Cooper, an adventurous dog, through a world city with a local friend, a member of his “pack”. The books also include an interactive education and activity section and hidden secrets called “buried bones”.

The "buried bones" are located in both the print version of the books and the interactive iPad apps, featuring over 100 buried bones.
Looking to take a trip without leaving your home? Then you need to add Cooper's Pack to your "Must Have" now! Visit to get started with the fun today.

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