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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recording Artist Ricky J: Staying True to the Music No Matter What

by Cyrus Webb

Chart-topping recording artist Ricky J might be known for many things, but quitting is not one of them. The Canadian native has enjoyed success around the world, yet that is not why he does what he does.  He has shown himself to be not just a lover of music but someone who creates something special every time he steps into the booth or out on stage.

While he was promoting his new single "One Drop" from the album PAINT THE TOWN Ricky J took out time to talk about his journey, why he made a decision to walk away and then what his returns signals for music lovers.

"As a kid music was all round me. I knew early on it was something I wanted to do. As I got older and started going to clubs I knew that was going to be the place for me. Music is power. You just got to feel it. You know what's in you when you see it or hear it."


"I'm not going to lie: It's not easy, but nothing that you want is ever easy. It's a business so you are always doing something: writing, finding producers and most importantly learning the business. I've had the chance to work with some great artists. Along the way you see the rights and the wrongs.  You take those lessons and bring them into the artist that you are and the one you wan to be."

"I'm a people person. In this business you have to be careful, but you don't want to be so secluded that you shut yourself off. I look at fans as just being different friends."


"It's not just about music anymore. Things have evolved, and you have to be able to evolve with them. Some people don't have the drive to do it all. To me it's not a phase,  it's entertainment. This is what I know. It's who I am. You pick your path and you stay on it.  I just kept pushing on. By staying true to my word I am able to stay true to myself."

RICKY J'S ADVICE TO YOU:"Whatever you love make sure you stay on it. Everyone has an opinion.  Everybody has their own 2 cents to put in. Make sure you are doing what you love to do and let it speak for itself. Don't look back. Just keep on moving forward. No matter what make sure you are always getting better."

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