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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Marys Motivational Message: A Simple Act of Kindness

Recently, I went to my dictionary to explore the definition for the word kindness.  It was described as: Friendly feeling, warm-hearted and one who is of a friendly warm-hearted nature. It actually gave a description of one lending an umbrella to a child in the rain.

Check this out:
-- You can literally change the tone of your day with just a simple act of kindness
-- You can actually shift a negative emotion/thought with just a simple act of kindness
-- The very energy you extend goes out into the UNIVERSE to be received by others and passed on

My daughter shared with me months ago how she was having a “heavy” day. There was a lot going on with work, school, relationships...etc. And in the mist of her heaviness, she set out in her car to address errands. She came to a stop sign and to her right she observed a man standing on the corner with a young child selling crates of fruit.

What concerned my daughter was that it was storming and the man and child were soaking wet. As she drove past the stop sign, she suddenly felt less willing to focus on her issues and turned her attention on how she could be of assistance. Stating she felt as though she was being “willed” to help.

Have you ever felt that GOD was calling upon you to help someone; to lighten the load of another? My daughter stated that she made a u turn and gave the gentleman her large umbrella and he immediately gave it to the young child, who was now sheltered from the rain. My daughter shared how her simple act of kindness made her soul feel good. And when she returned home hours later, she observed the shelter her simple act of kindness was providing. How many can relate to that feeling she felt? I can relate to it as a giver and also as a receiver of simple acts of kindness.

I’m remembering how on one morning in particular, I awoke in a funk. Have you ever retired to bed feeling grateful only to awake in a funk? Well, on this particular morning I could not shake the negative energy. For those of us who try to enlighten, we know how unhealthy it is to stay in that zone but at times shifting our thoughts can be difficult.

That morning when I went to my computer, I retrieved an email that my eldest daughter had forwarded. It contained a message pertaining to random acts of kindness and the importance of staying positive and being a reflection of that to others. Within that moment I reflected on that message and embraced its’ words. I willed myself to change the direction of my thoughts.  I fixed myself up, thanked GOD for allowing me to see another day, engaged with others while extending some kindness.

The point I’m trying to convey is that when we look beyond ourselves and our circumstances within any given moment and stay positive; we add richness to the Universe.  My youngest looked beyond her “moment” and extended an act of kindness to a stranger and young child, which allowed for him to extend better service to his customers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My eldest looking beyond the challenges of her day extended a powerful morning email that changed the direction for many, including myself. Intern, I extended kindness to those I encountered during that day, which hopefully transferred to the individuals they encountered.

As you journey through your life, never forget that we are all enter-connected. And within you lies the power to bring about a positive impact on so many profound levels, with just a simple act of kindness.
Love, Peace and Continuous Joy,

Mary E. Gilder

Mary E. Gilder, is the author of the award winning novel, “A Misrepresentation of Myself.” Mary can be contacted at: or Also, visit her website at:

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