Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shirley Levi: Using Music to Reach the Heart

by Cyrus Webb

When it comes to looking for a recording artist that is not afraid to share her gift or voice her thoughts on issues that matter, look no further than Shirley Levi. She is giving a voice to those who feel abandoned and believe that they are forgotten. In 2012 she has shown herself to be not only a lyrical force but an activist for causes that matter to her as well, namely bringing attention and awareness to Autism.

Levi has also begun her own non-profit called Music On My Shoulder to bring together those who share her goal of helping others through music. "I am fighting with all my might as a means to grow my charitable efforts to give victims a voice," she told me. During our interview she talked about her feelings toward music and how she is using it to change the world by reaching the heart.

SHIRLEY LEVI ON THE POWER OF MUSIC: "I have always felt since a very young age that the two greatest callings for me are giving and music. It's a gift from us the artist and to the listener. I was given the gift to share with the world, and I really feel that I was designed to help the world with the strongest gift which is music.

SHIRLEY LEVI ON FIGHTING INJUSTICE: "As a kid I was completely aware of the injustices of the world. You grow up and you can't help but want to change it. It has shaped my entire being. I struggled so much with believing in myself and being misunderstood. That is probably why I feel such a strong, deep connection with those with Autism. Right now it is not just my calling but my duty. It is our duty in life to help with whatever is our gift. If you love it, it is your calling, and it is your duty to enjoy it and help the world with it."

SHIRLEY LEVI ON WORKING FROM THE HEART: "It's always a struggle to get people to see what you feel. If you are trying to help the world with something that doesn't feel natural for you I think you are making a mistake. When you are doing something from the heart it almost feel effortless. When you see everything grow it makes it all worthwhile. I believe it's very important that we fight for what we love."

SHIRLEY LEVI AND AUTISM AWARENESS: "Working with those with autism has literally changed my life. I realized I needed to reach the masses fast. For me the quickest way to do that was through music. It's a lot to take on, and I have always struggled to believe in myself but this is too important. I can not stop now. I have learned to believe in myself and this has helped me in my mission to heal the world.

"I can't do it alone. We need help healing those with Autism. They are meant to become active members of society. My goal? To reach people from the heart so they can really get to know people with Autism from the heart. It's time to put your pity away. Pity is not respect. It is not compassion. We need to understand them from the heart, educate people from the heart so we can help them to believe in themselves."

Like Shirley Levi, we have the power to make a difference. It all begins with the decision to do so. Stay in touch with Ms. Levi at www.shirleylevi.com and her non-profit at www.musiconmyshoulder.com.


  1. Amazing! She is a true leader and artist!

  2. So glad that I discovered this piece on Shirley. She is the type of artist that we really need right now. So happy to see her standing up for others. Found her music on itunes and am loving it!!