Friday, March 8, 2013

(POETRY) "My Truth" by Kira Henderson


I wear a suit of armor
-cold, rigid, steel plates of evasiveness
forged in distance
bolted with fictitious characteristics
Protecting me from false prophets
trying to slay my spirit
and conquer my body like a fallen land

I move quickly to repair dents and punctures
after battling in love's unholy war
Ensuring that defeats
remain only surface deep
and my Queen-dome holds intact

Convinced that what lies beneath my shield of
self perserveness
is a soul frail and weak
torn up inside
and easily broken

When my journey crossed your path
and I raised my sword for battle
I was defeated so quickly
not by burning arrows of lies
or words of mass destruction
you did not launch a thousand ships
to sink my spirit
- you didn't even scratch my protective armor

You simply stripped it away

You came to me as a man
and real

And all of my cold evasiveness and false characters
fell to the floor
leaving nothing for you
except the real me

Shivering in the nakedness of vulnerability
you embraced my truth
and praised it
You handled it with grace
You challenged it
and provoked it to shine

You took the bare me
and showed me my beautiful reflection
in your eyes.

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