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Friday, March 8, 2013

Jessie Yang: Living Life As A Thank You

by Cyrus Webb

In 2012 I had the great opportunity to be introduced to one of the most grounded and appreciative individuals that I have ever interviewed. Her name is Jessie Yang, and if you've never heard of her than mark my words: she will someone that the entire world knows soon enough. j

Not only is she a model and actress, but Jessie is also using her experiences to coach her growing following in loving themselves and pursuing their passion.

During our conversation she came across as everything that you would hope to be: confident, strong and ready to live each day with gratitude and understanding. Because she seems so sure of herself and her craft I was surprised to discover that it was only in 2012 that she started on the path where I found her. "This is something I am happy doing," she says, and it definitely shows.

Though she revealed that in her life she has had her own share of insecurities and personal demons to fight Jessie learned important lessons that she hopes to share with others. "It's been a gradual process to get to where I am today," she says. "In high school I wasn't always the popular girl or confident during that time." It was when she went to college that the transformation began. "You change a lot (during that time)," she says. "You make new friends, have different experiences and find out who you are. Through those experiences I've learned to love myself just the way I am."

That love for herself has proven to be Jessie's saving grace. It has kept her on the right track and made her stronger. "I think one of the hardest things in life is to stay positive," she says. "You always have haters. There will always be people who will talk about you behind your back. If you let it get to you, you're not going to succeed."

In spite of the negativity that is in the world, Jessie has made it a point to be a positive force, using her growing popularity to inspire others. "When I got my first fan message on social media it was a magical feeling," she told me. "It lets you know that what you have done has inspired someone else to pursue their dreams." Jessie has learned that being in front of the camera is not just about looks. "I'm not just here taking pretty pictures. I'm inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.."

One of the individuals that has inspired Jessie is the talented Tyra Banks. "I love the way she tries to push the boundaries of beauty. To me she's a beautiful person both inside and out. "

The internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in aiding Jessie's success. "I think it is a great way to promote yourself and helps you to get your name known really fast," she says. It's also a great way to network and encourage others, too." A form of her encouragement came in this Facebook post: "Faith is believing in something when you don't see any evidence or physical proof. It's like love: you can't see it, but you can feel it." For Jessie the message is if you want to do something you can do it. It's all about believing and watching the hard work pay off.

For those who have doubt, Jessie says this: "How do you know you won't succeed? How do you know it won't work. That's what faith is. It's when you know something. You don't have to have evidence to prove it, but you know it. I love to inspire others, helping them see things in a more positive way."

Jessie Yang wants to live each day as a thank you for the opportunities she has been given. That is the basis for her optimism and willingness to share. "When you see what others have to go through it's a form of support," she says. "It's all about supporting each other. When you see other people going through the same thing it inspires you and motivates you to keep going."

Some shy away from being looked to as a role model. Jessie embraces it. "I do have a passion for the younger generation. I like being a positive influence and getting a positive message out there." As a big sister herself she wants to make sure that others know they have someone rooting for them. "I want young girls to grow up with confidence and optimism. You don't have to look like a certain type just to make someone else happy. You are who you are and that is what matters. Don't give up on yourself. There will be people who love you for you. I do believe it's worth it in the end."

May Jessie's journey inspire you as we go throughout our own lives searching for purpose. There is nothing like realizing that your life matters. It's up to us to live accordingly.

Jessie's website is currently under construction, but in the meantime look for her on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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  1. Very inspiring! Would like to know who designed the black dress with flowers that Jessie so beautifully models in the grass? Thanks for the article, it is very uplifting!