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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sin City Rules' Amy Hanley: Living the 'Real' Life

by Cyrus Webb

I have to say after interviewing over 3700 over the past decade that Amy Hanley is one of the realist individuals I have ever had the privilege of interviewing.

Many have gotten to know her from the hit show on TLC Sin City Rules, but I learned through our conversation that there is so much more to her than what might meet the eyes. Hanley is beautiful, thoughtful and without a doubt a businesswoman that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. In fact during our interview she told me she was 'owning 2013', and I have no doubt about it.

Hanley and I were introduced by Lindsey of Cinderella's Glass PR, and it was an inspiration conversation about moving forward in life in a positive more powerful way.

In the first five minutes of the conversation she surprised me with this confession: "I actually don't watch reality TV, Cyrus. When I decided to do the show (Sin City Rules) I wasn't too familiar with the territory I was getting into. It was absolutely a roller-coaster ride, but when it was all said and done I think we all enjoyed ourselves. It was a lot of hard work and dedication and real moments."

Since it wasn't something that she normally watched, an obvious question I had was why she decided to open her life up to the world this way. For Amy it was about claiming her life. "I think a lot of people have associated me in the past with being the daughter of not one gangster but two," she explained. People see a very dark side of the life I've from. They don't understand there is a whole different aspect to it. I chose at eighteen not to go down the path of some of my family. Because of that I don't see my past as a downside. I see it as an advantage that made me stronger."

Part of the way Hanley has found strength is through her online community. I called them her fans, but she sees them another way. "I never look at any one as fans. I look at them as friends. I do relate to them and they to me. I've been through the bad times and the good times. I like to remind them that there's always a way to get out of it (bad times) and bring yourself above what you are going through. They come and share their stories. In all aspects it gives an insight into who we are regardless of what our past consists of."

Outside of those she sees as her friends online are those who will use the platform that is the internet to criticize and judge. Hanley called it the Public Opinion Court. "It's been an adjustment,"she admits. "I've been so used to keeping things private. I know, though, that you have two choices: allow people to either take you down a negative path or you can take a look at it and take a positive path. I have a saying: 'Negative lasts for 5 minutes. Positive lasts for 5 lifetimes.' I choose to look at the positive aspect. that's what I do for myself."

Through that outlook on life Amy Hanley is quickly building an empire for herself. It is something all her own. "I want people to understand that everything I work on I put my everything into. I do it on my own. I don't look at myself as a reality TV star. I just happened to be on a TV show where my life was featured. I have the same triumphs and failures as everyone else. It's all in how you handle it. If you look at everything from a negative aspect you will always end up with failure."

The lessons that Amy has learned she is eager to share with all of us. "We have to own up to our own behavior and actions," she told me. "It's about the decisions that you make that define who you become."

Her message to you: words have power. Words matter. Want something? Hanley has the answer. "You have to be willing to speak it into existence," she explains. "My goal is to empower people, not to destroy them." Having a day or a bad situation? Don't let it defeat you! "It's ok," she says. "It happens to the best of us. There is always some form of positive in every situation. That is the way I choose to look at life. I want to take people on a more positive approach. We would have a better place if more did that."

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