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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wang Chung: New Music, Same Passion

by Cyrus Webb

When Wang Chung announced their album TAZER UP! some might have questioned their place in the music world after so many years. After hearing the single DANCE HALL DAYS, though, there is no doubt that these guys not only still love music, but they know how to still deliver it as well.

I had the opportunity to interview Jack Hues of the group about the album and the single and he shared how much fun it was to not only give their fans something new but add their own flavor to the music scene.

Wang Chung came out of the post-punk, New Wave scene in the UK going on to achieve global success selling millions of records. Throughout their 30 year career they have released 5 albums and 2 Greatest Hits compilations. They have had 6 US Top 40 hits including a number 1. In the process of all of this (and somewhat unintentionally), Wang Chung became part of the contemporary culture of North America. Their huge smash ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight’, with its now famous line 'Everybody Wang Chung Tonight' saw the invention of a new US verb; 'to Wang Chung'.

 There are several stand-out tracks on Tazer Up!, but I have to say that DANCE HALL DAYS will be one of those songs you can dance to in the clubs as well as bop your head to when sitting at home or in the office. Definitely a track that delivers a great beat. You'll be hooked.

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