Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Incredibly Sexy Ways to Unleash More Romance & Passion into Your Life

by M. J. Duffy

Have you ever tried to attract more passion or romance in your life but it seems to elude you? Many people mistakenly believe that relationships are the only way to experience romance in their lives. The truth is that creating romance and passion starts with changing your thoughts and your attitude about yourself. Here are 5 ways to experience passion on a daily basis.

1. Accept yourself.
Bringing more passion and romance in your life requires you to appreciate and love yourself exactly as you are; flaws and all. The more love you give yourself, the more passion and romance will appear in your life. This is because romance and passion originate from love.

2. Treat yourself like the love of your life. A lot of times we look outside of ourselves to feel special and feel desired. The truth is that you need to desire yourself first and treat yourself like you are the number one person in your life. Give yourself compliments, flowers, love letters, or anything that makes you feel beautiful and you will attract more romance into your life.

3. Treat yourself to romantic outings.
Just because you are single does not mean that you have to miss out on living a life of passion and romance. Take time to pamper yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Find out what makes you feel special and provide that to yourself on a daily basis.

4. Think hot, passionate thoughts…about yourself
If you want to attract more passion and romance, you must think positive thoughts
about yourself. Find something you love about yourself and tell yourself on a daily basis that you are beautiful and desirable. Thinking great thoughts about yourself will help draw more passion and romance in your life.

5. Do something sexy
In order to have more passion and romance in your life, watch a romantic movie, listen to romantic songs or read a romance novel. Studies show that reading romance novels releases dopamine, the same chemical in the brain that is secreted during sex.
There are many ways you can attract and maintain romance and passion in your life, but it all starts with having a healthy, happy and loving relationship with yourself.

An influential romance expert and paranormal romance author, M. J. Duffy helps the young and the young at heart have passionate, loving relationships and live better lives.

Her debut novel, Lost Love, is a deeply provocative thriller that captures the love, passion and betrayal that exist between two celestial soul mates as they encounter and battle evil that threatens to destroy them. For more information about M. J. Duffy, please visit her websites:,, and

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