Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Soul's Amy Newmark

by Cyrus Webb

I have only been enjoying Chicken Soup for the Soul for about the past 10 years, but for those who want to know how it all began they have re-released the original book from 20 years ago with a little something new as well.

The book allows us to not only enjoy the original stories from the first inspirational book but gives us a nice commentary from Jack Canfield on how the series original began, what the hope was and where it is today. Definitely great for those of us who didn't know the history. Along with Jack's words are bonus stories that give you an amazing look at the world and what is possible through it.

One of the ones that struck me from the bonus stories was from the series Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Amy Newmark. She takes us into the two words that she avoids, and shows us how by not living a life of regret we are able to look at life in a totally different way. I had a chance to talk with Newmark on Conversations LIVE about the book and what it has been able to see the growth of the series over the years. For her one of the most powerful aspects is how they stories have affected people's lives.

In the afterward of the book she writes this: "The overarching theme in this book is positive thinking...It's our job at Chicken Soup for the Soul to focus on finding stories for you that are positive and uplifting and helpful. Before I became publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul five years ago, I spent six months getting to know the company, and I read 100 of the old titles. After reading all of those books and tens of thousands of stories submitted for our most recent books, the thing that has struck me the most is the resilience of the human spirit. We try to show you that in all our books."

Newmark says "What I've learned is that we are all capable of handling a lot. And our ability to handle things seems to expand when we need it to."

She shares these seven tips that she has gleaned from the thousands of stories Chicken Soup for the Soul has published:

1.     Pursue at least one of your passions.
2.     Do something that has meaning to you and gives you purpose.
3.     Count your blessings.
4.     Smile at everyone.
5.     Keep learning.
6.     Take the long-term view.
7.     Take some time for yourself.

The 20th Anniversary Edition of the new Chicken Soup for the Soul volume also includes new stories by Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and don Miguel Ruiz are also included, but the other account that stuck with me after reading the book was by Tory Johnson. She shares in her story how she had become comfortable in her success at her place of employment until all that she knew was taken away. After taking stock of her situation and her life she realized the real power in embracing the power she has been given and keeping her destiny within her own hands.

There really is something in this book for everyone, and whether you are just discovering the series or been a fan for some time you can't help but find this book to be a valuable resource. Find all things dealing with Chicken Soup for the Soul at

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