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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jason Pure: Using His Music to Live Life Authentically

by Cyrus Webb

Anyone who was staying connected with recording artist Jason Pure* during 2016 saw him using the hashtag #flyhigh. It was not just part of his promotional campaign for the single ICARUS but a larger reminder for all of us.

If you haven't heard the single I definitely encourage you to give it a listen. It shares the reminder to go as high as you can when it comes to your goals and dreams. That is something that Jason has been living and sharing with others. "It's been amazing," he told me when discussing the response to the single. "As with most musicians I put in a lot of work into this song." He added "It's definitely a message I was hoping would connect with people. That's all you want."

Making an impact is part of what drives him. "My goal as an artist is to leave something that is long-lasting," he says. It goes back to his personal connection with music as a listener. As an artist Jason "wanted to be able to do the same for other people." That includes being able to "relay messages that would help other people."

At a time when everyone has an opinion about everything that is not always easy to accomplish. I asked Jason where did the confidence he has come from? "That is a constant battle to get to that point," he admitted. "It's a journey, like life in general." The key for him, however, is to "trust your own inner voice." That keeps him from being distracted from the noise of the world. "It's so personal," he says, which is why feels it is so important to "stay true to your inner voice and give people what is coming from your heart." Applying that to the single ICARUS he says "I really honed in on what I wanted to say and what I wanted it to sound like. I knew that if I stayed true to what I was trying to say and do that somebody would relate to it."

Social media has definitely helped artists like Jason Pure reach the masses. He says "It is a great tool that enables you to touch people that you can't necessary reach. I really have been trying to use it to connect with new audiences while continuing to maintain my current audience." Since the world is moving so fast he adds: "You don't want to leave anyone behind."

What has worked for his career is something that Jason realizes can be a source of inspiration for others. "If you continue to put in the work, that work will show for itself eventually. Enjoy the process. Sometimes it can take the enjoyment out of it when you're almost too aware of your audience. That takes away from your creative authenticity."

His goal moving forward? "Focus on what I'm trying to say and make sure it is quality work." For all of us that is a great reminder that quality over quantity should always be our goal.

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* Photo Credit: Nathan Pearcy Photography

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