Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa stops by #ConversationsLIVE

Media personality Cyrus Webb loves talking creativity and getting people to embrace their own greatness. In his recent conversation with author Danielle Krysa about her book YOUR INNER CRITIC IS A BIG JERK (And Other Truths About Being Creative) he was able to discuss not just her own journey of embracing her abilities but what it's been like for her to encourage (and inspire) others to do the same.
"It's been life-changing for me," Krysa told Webb about what it's been like to hear from others how she has inspired them. "This book is important to me. For so long I thought I was completely alone" when it came to self-doubt. Through YOUR INNER CRITIC IS A BIG JERK she "wanted to shine a light on that and let everybody else who might be feeling alone know that they aren't at all."

Read Webb's review of her new book on Amazon here.

Listen to their full conversation below:

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