Friday, September 7, 2018

Recording Artist Gerald Green: Embracing Freedom by Letting Go of Ego

by Cyrus Webb

Many people have gotten to know recording artist Gerald Green as a member of the group The Perfect Storm. What I learned in 2018 when we met in Baton Rouge, however, was that Gerald has long been weathering storm in his life---and continues to fight to make sure his voice is heard.

As we taped an episode of Cyrus Webb Presents the web-series, I was impressed not just for his passion for music but his growth as an artist and individual.

Even before The Perform Storm, Gerald shared with me that he always has thought of the music business as just that, a business. "I've always had a serious side," he told me. In a previous group he was in he realized that it wasn't a good fit because "the brotherhood wasn't there."

Another thing Gerald has been open about is one of the biggest lessons he has learned: not being led by ego. That was something that became painfully clear for him when he was in high school and auditioning for the advanced choir.

"I had family members before me that were in the advanced choir," he told me. "I went in knowing 'I got this'. That,"he shared, "was probably one of the biggest mistakes.

"I was told by the choir director that I needed to humble myself. The director told me 'You have a gift, but that gift can only go so far. The rest has to come from within.' The words struck a chord with Gerald, because it wasn't the first time he had been told this. "I had heard this before from my grandmother," he told me. "I was used to winning," he said, but that conversation with the choir director helped him to see that to win you have to remain humble.

Today both as part of the group The Perfect Storm and as a solo artist, Gerald wants to do music that will appeal across the board. He has honed in on listening to lots of different artists, learning from them but being true to his own voice.

By finding his own voice Gerald Green has been able to embrace the freedom that music has given him. It is that freedom that he shares with his audience around the world.

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