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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Actor Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.: Sharing the Journey In Front of the Camera with His Fans

by Cyrus Webb

After hosting Conversations LIVE radio show for the past 15 years and publishing this magazine I have interviewed literally thousands of individuals who have inspired me and pushed me forward. One of those individuals is the amazing actor that is Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. I’ve interviewed him now twice on the radio about his journey, what it’s been like to do what he loves and some of his newest projects like the television series Bronx SIU and The Family Business as well as the movie WORTH.

This chat is all about his beginnings, his rise and the example he is able to be for others.

First of all, what is this experience been like for you, Mr. Nunez, to not only be able to do what you love as an actor, but also to have projects that are already getting such great buzz like Bronx SIU, and to see the way that people are responding to it?
You know something it’s weird because you never really know what people are going to respond to. You just go and if I like it you bring your best to it. When it comes to SIU the script was good, the people were good, so I jumped on board.

And you never really know what's going to happen with something, you could shoot something and it happened where you don't expect nothing to happen from it, and the next thing you know it blows up. Or you can shoot something that everybody is expecting to blow up and then nothing happens from it. So you never know what something is going to do, so you just go in and just do the best work you can on it, and the best job you can on it and then you let it ride. If you put forth your best effort most likely it's going to come out really good.

You mentioned something that I think is so true, and also telling about this particular show and some of the other projects you've done as well, and that is about the cast. You've been able to star in some amazing projects as I mentioned, and you've been able to work with a lot of talented people. Is that also one of the added benefits of doing what you love and being able to work with people as equally passionate as you are?
Absolutely 100%. You can tell that passion about the cast, but you know you don't really have any control over the casting. A lot of times when you are just there and you just hope that they get some good people. But good for me, even with SIU, I get to work with the producers on in it, and a lot of times when I work on something I ask who's going to be in it. And then I want to know if any other roles aren't cast, and if some are available then I make suggestions. I always get a lot of people in it who are good actors, because people don't have access to them. When you've got real good actors you can tell the difference and you can see the difference on the screen. 

Let’s talk about the journey before Bronx SIU. As I said people know you from a variety of roles. That’s the great thing about you: you are definitely not a one-note. People never know what type of role you’re going to be playing. Did you go into acting knowing that you wanted to be able to just bring your best into whatever type of character you played?
I just wanted play everything. I've played a woman. I've played a lawyer. I played a cop. I've played a detective. I played a bad guy. I've played a killer. I’ve played a doctor. That's the joy of this business, being able to play all of these roles. And that's one of the things that brought me there at SIV. I've been doing comedy for so long I wanted to show another side so when they offered me this as Captain I was like absolutely! You never know where it's going to go, and that's what I like.

One of the ways that we find out about everything these days is through social media. For individuals in your profession it's really become a big part of how you guys communicate with us. What is that been like for you to kind of get used to communicating in such real-time with your fans that way?
I love it. I love it, because you don't have any filters between you and people, and it is kind of like meeting people face-to-face from all over the world at one time. I think that's why we get into this business. It goes with the territory. Social media is kind of like a one-on-one relationship. These people would never in any other opportunity unless they see you on the street have an opportunity to have a conversation with you. That internet allows them to do that.

Such a good point. You never know how those types of things are going to relate to people. When you do hear from your fans about how you have motivated them, and how you've inspired them, how does that make you feel?
It's one of the things that I think keeps me young and keeps me going. Everybody say wow how do you look so young, but I think that's one of the things that keep me that way for sure: Making other people happy, I absolutely, 100 million percent, feel better when I give than when I receive. And that's not just monetary. That's advice as well. To me the biggest joy is to make somebody else happy. That's my greatest joy on this planet.

Outside of your fans you have been able to inspire other actors as well. How does that part of this journey feel? 

That's the best part and the main part. That is the pinnacle, because there's so many people out there who are so talented, and they're in little towns and little places and they feel that there is no hope. I came from a little town way out in the country, and nobody in my entire life ever said that I could do what I am doing. 

Everyone said the same thing: it is absolutely impossible. I didn't need anybody to tell me it was possible. I didn't need any encouragement I did it for myself. Listen to me: You can do it. If anybody on this planet can do it you can do it. 

Nobody can stop you from doing it but you. If you really put it in your mind that you're going to do something there is nothing that can stop you. I mean it. The only person who can stop you from doing and achieving what you want to do is you. When a door closed on me, I found another way in. I will find a way even if I had to go through the window. If the window was locked and the door was closed I dug a hole. And don't matter what it is you can find a way in. I don't take no. Period.

What a great conversation. So glad we had this time. Any last bit of advice or encouragement you would give our audience about pursuing their goals and dreams?
Absolutely. Put in the hard work and don't be afraid of what's around the corner. Just say to yourself whatever is around the corner I am going to deal with it, no matter what. If you approach each day with that attitude you can’t help but win.

Stay connected with Miguel on Instagram at www.instagram.commnunezjr and on Twitter at www.

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