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Friday, May 8, 2020

[Business Spotlight] Kenneth Brown of Sphinxmen Protectors, LLC

by Cyrus Webb

As we are looking at the importance of stories this definitely comes into play when we are looking at businesses and business owners. Over the years I have met lots of individuals who have been able to take their personal passion and channel it into their businesses. One of those is Kenneth Brown of Sphinxmen Protectors, LLC. He is not just doing a job. He is building a brand that is filling a need and setting a standard. We discuss that in this conversation. 

Kenneth, you have made a name for yourself in Business, as well as for being a Servant in the community.  Have you always known that you were created to be of service?
I have as far back as I can remember.  Helping our fellow Man or Woman is first and bottom line.  The idea of being a Servant to others has always been my passion. As a 911 Emergency Telecommunicator, I assisted our citizens and community members each day. It is always a great feeling to know that I have been there for them when they needed our services the most. In addition, I serve in a Servant Leadership position with my Church.

Professionalism is one of the things that you are known for and pride yourself on. How has that helped you to set yourself apart ?
Professionalism is the cornerstone of everything that I do, personally and within my occupation(s). Without it, I fail to live up to the "expected expectations," as a Business Leader.  I follow that creed daily by reminding myself that you never know when you will be called upon to render a service. Being professional sets that standard, and raises the bar.

Among others hats you wear, you are President of Sphinxmen Protectors LLC. Tell our readers about how the idea came about and services you offer.
Sphinxmen Protectors was conceived as an idea during a temporary duty assignment in Egypt.  I had the unique opportunity to visit the pyramids.  I was more than amazed by the Sphinx that guarded the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs.  Simply put, I was awestruck by its size and how it had features of the head of a human and a body of a lion. It is a permanent guardian of these tombs. Years later while I was constructing my business plan, Sphinxmen Protectors LLC was born.  It symbolizes strength, endurance, and protection, just as it resonated in that time.
My company specializes in General Security Management,  Executive Security and Bodyguard Services to anyone whom is in need of such services.  I am also martial arts and weapons qualified to assist with the needs of the client.

The brand you are building is strong both online and offline.  How has Social Media helped you get the word out about your services and building your community?
A " tremendous force," are the words that I would use to describe the power of Social Media.  It has provided an open forum and experience for my clients and potential clients, to see the movement of the business.  It has forged great relationships with other businesses and community leaders.

Because of your success, you are also an example for others as to what is possible for them. How does that feel to know you are making that kind of impact with others?
I am truly honored, humbled and thankful for the example(s) that I have set forth. It is a blessing to own and operate a business.  But it is an even greater blessing to know that what I do inspires others to do the same: to have a dream and see it come to fruition.  Therein lies my greatest joy.

How can our audience stay connected with you and be able to take advantage of your services?
Thank you for the opportunity, Cyrus. I am available through Facebook at Sphinxmen Protectors LLC; Instagram at Sphinxmen Protectors and my personal Facebook page at Kenneth Brown.  I am accessible thru email at, and available to assist my clients during normal business hours, after hours and on weekends.  It is important for my clients to know that there is a "sense of urgency" to their concerns, and that I am here to help in any way possible.

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