Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Bestselling Author Sheri Fink: Creating Magical Worlds, Living the Dream

by Cyrus Webb

Bestselling author Sheri Fink is someone I had known for years thanks to social media. She has consistently created magical worlds through her books, sharing her love of words and creativity with all ages. 

In 2012 we had the pleasure of having her grace the cover of Conversations Magazine and in 2018 we FINALLY sat down for our first in-person interview during one of my visits to Los Angeles.Whether it's online, on the page or offline she is the epitome of what Conversations is all about: positive vibes, inspiration and a tireless example of what is possible. 

As we celebrate this milestone in 2020 I reached out to Sheri about a follow-up interview. She accepted, and here is our latest conversation. 

Sheri, it is great to have you back in the pages of Conversations Magazine. Hard to believe that it was 8 years ago that you graced the cover of our publication. So much has happened for us both in that time. What has it been like for you to reflect on your success and accomplishments?
It’s an honor to be featured in your industry-changing magazine again. I look back over the past 8 years since that first magazine cover with tears of joy and gratitude. So much has happened, it takes my breath away. Since I started writing professionally in 2011, I’ve published 11 best-selling books in three genres, met and married my soulmate (award-winning author Derek Taylor Kent), and combined our imaginations to create an entrepreneurial business together. Our company, Whimsical World, has the mission of inspiring, delighting, and educating children of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem and high achievement. Getting to do what I love every day with the one I love is the biggest accomplishment and greatest dream come true of all.

Have you always known that storytelling was something you wanted to do?
Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to help people and to be a writer, a teacher, a mother, and a mermaid. As a children’s book writer, I am living my childhood dreams and getting to be all of those wonderful things every day. Even before I could write, I would make up stories and ask my mom to write them down for me. I’ve always loved the ability of words to stir emotions and inspire actions. I think it was my destiny to become a storyteller and to seek to empower people to live their dreams.

One of the things that happened for you is that you’ve built up an audience with young readers but you also released a book for adults, too. What was that like for you to expand your audience that way?
For me, the beauty of being a writer is getting to co-create an experience with the universe and to share it with the world in hopes that it’ll touch hearts and make a difference. I’m a free spirit when it comes to writing. I believe in writing from the heart. It would be easier to continue to choose the comfort of writing another heartwarming children’s book (which I love to do!). Instead, I chose the growth that comes with writing beyond genre lines and have written self-help, romance, personal development, and children’s books.  All of my books are about self-love and personal empowerment… regardless of the age of my intended audience.

We had a chance to meet in person almost 2 years ago. Social media, however, is something that has kept us connected. How has it helped you in building your brand and fan base?
I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people around the world through social media over the years. As a writer and a speaker, social media is a great channel for sharing my message and reaching a lot of people. I’m fortunate to get to connect with friends and Fans through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I love reading inspirational posts and cheering people on along their journeys. Fans sometimes come up to me at events where we’re meeting in person for the first time and say, “I’ve been following you on social media, and I feel like I know you.” And, they really do know me, because I share my authentic heart, hopes, and happiness with them. 

The latest book THE LITTLE DRAGON addresses two things I want to discuss what you: fear and friendship. First with fear. How have you not allowed fear to stop you in trying new things?
I believe in amplifying faith over fear. There will always be fear when we’re trying something new. I am committed to feeling the fear and moving forward with faith regardless of the circumstances.

One of my strategies is to connect deeply with the reason that I want or need to do something that scares me. When I get up in the morning and go for my dreams despite feeling afraid, the result is children believing in themselves and feeling empowered to go for their dreams and ambitions. For example, when I published my first book, The Little Rose, I started being invited to do speaking engagements. The prospect of standing on stage and talking to a big crowd terrified me. But, I also recognized that it was a beautiful opportunity for me to stand in my power and to inspire people, so I pushed through and did it anyway.

Courage is like a muscle, it gets stronger with repetitive use. Nine years later, I’ve done hundreds of speeches for thousands of people of all ages. I still feel nervous before I go on stage. I just don’t let that stop me. The more talks I do, the more courageous I feel, and the easier it becomes. The positive impact I can have on the lives of others motivates me to move past the fear and do whatever it takes to serve humanity as best I can.

Your friendships or association seem to be key to your rise. Talk with us about the importance of those we choose to surround ourselves with.
Publishing is a relationship business. The people we keep closest to us and choose to do business with can help or hinder our connection to ourselves. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and to always seek to create win-wins. My goal is to surround myself with friends, fans, and fellow writers who align with my values and vision for my life; people who uplift, nurture, and inspire me.

I choose to spend the most time around people with definite purpose, high integrity, strong work ethic, and abundant joy for the contributions they choose to make in the world. My intention is to be passionate, loving, and inspiring and to bring out the best in others. I genuinely want to create something that I love and to help people through my art. When I infuse my writing with the energy of those authentic desires, my creativity soars and my books attract the right audience who can most benefit from the messages in the books.

I’ve discovered that by honoring your intuition about the people in your life, you build a powerfully positive relationship with yourself. The stronger your relationship with yourself, the more confident you will feel as a creator and the better relationships you’ll be able to build with your fans through your writing.

What should we expect next from you?
I’m writing a self-help / personal development / teaching memoir book that will be debuting in November 2020. It’s a book I feel I was born to write. It focuses on enhancing the 5 aspects of life that make the biggest difference: Passion, Peace, Power, Prosperity, and Panache. I share a lot of my personal stories and my missteps along the journey while making it light and fun. The goal is to help the reader move into alignment with authenticity and action in order to live a juicier and more fulfilling life. I can’t wait for you to read it!

In the meantime, I’m releasing Amazon Kindle editions of all of my books and audiobook editions of my children’s books. I’m continuing to lead webinars and speak at online conferences to help aspiring authors write, publish, and market their books while building a business they love.

Whimsical World has several big secret projects in the works to debut in the coming months that will help spread hope and joy to children worldwide. It’s an exciting year ahead.

Any advice you want to share with aspiring authors or those who are looking to start following their goals or dreams?
It’s never too early or too late to go for your dreams. I’m living proof that everything is possible when you step forward in faith and take inspired action daily. Trust that you were given the seed of your dream for a reason. Start now, take small steps at first, and be open to the path that magically unfolds in front of you. It won’t always be easy, but I promise that it will be worth it. You’ll look back years from now in disbelief at how far you’ve come and, more importantly, you’ll feel deep gratitude for the person you became and the people you inspired in the process. I’ll be cheering you on all the way.

Thanks for the time, Sheri. So happy for you. How can our audience stay connected with you online? 
I love connecting with Fans, fellow writers, and entrepreneurs! You can find me and my books online at and and on social media at: Instagram @Sheri_Fink   Twitter @Sheri_Fink    Facebook @SheriFinkFan Just follow the rainbow hair and you’ll find me!

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