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Monday, May 11, 2020

[AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT] Calogero Bradley, author of VENGEANCE IS MINE

by Cyrus Webb

Talent comes in many forms and ages. Conversations is excited to introduce you to 16 year old Calogero Bradley, author of VENGEANCE IS MINE. I first interviewed him on Conversations LIVE the radio show in 2019 along with his mother Kneika Robbins, author of SPEECHLESS and THE POWER OF PAIN. Now we are glad to share a bit of Calogero's story in the pages of the magazine.

Calogero, first of all congrats on the book VENGEANCE IS MINE: The Reaping. How does it feel to be in high school and to have published your first book? 
It was a good feeling; I felt like it was a major accomplishment.

We’re able to take the journey of your main character Cody Morgan in the book. Where did the idea for the book come from?
Some of my ideas came from the Alex Rider series that I used to read. Then I added my own twist to it and changed some things around to create my own story-line.

What was it like for you to think of what it would be like to have a parent killed and what would you do?
It was pretty depressing to have the book begin that way. My feelings of the character are my actual feelings. I would have made the same choice Cody did.

Outside of dealing with his father’s death. Cody is also dealing with regular things that young people do. Why was it important for you to show the different sides of him?
I did it to help readers get to know the character and to maintain the reality of life.

I know your classmates and teachers must really be proud of you. What’s been the response from the book?
They have congratulated me on my accomplishment. One of my classmates purchased a copy and gave me a five star review on Amazon!

We can tell by the ending that there will definitely be more from Cody. Did you know when you created him that it was going to be a series? 
No, I was originally creating a single story-line. I never considered it was going to continue to grow, but it has.

Your mother, Kneika Robbins is also an author. What has it been like to have her support? 
It’s been very helpful and motivating. It is one of the many major keys to getting me to where I am today; along with the support from my father.

What advice would you give to young authors out there about sharing their own work and getting published?
I would tell them to pursue their talents and believe in themselves. It is very important to have motivation and support from their loved ones. If you don’t have that, though, still pursue your dreams.

Thanks again for the time, Calogero. How can our audience stay connected with you?
They can find me at

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