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Saturday, May 9, 2020

[ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT] James Gordon, Poet/Author/Actor

by Cyrus Webb

As Conversations celebrates our anniversary it is our pleasure to present to you James Gordon, known to many as the Greatest Poet Alive (or G.P.A.). I've had the honor and pleasure of interview James on the radio show several times and reviewing his books. He is talented, confident and a real force to be recognized with on the page as well as the mic.

Most recently he has been seen showcasing his skills in another way: acting. In this conversation we discuss his success, his swagger and what it's been like to continue pushing the limits of his creativity. 

James, when you and I first connected you had made a name for yourself as a poet and author. What has it been like for you to expand your resume the way that you have?
It has been amazing. To be honest, I never thought this would be my life now. From performing to being an author and storyteller to now being an actor. WOW is all I can say. It's all a grind.

Part of your success has been your ability to express yourself through words. When did you discover that gift? 
After reading Cyrano De Bergerac. Once I read that, I was convinced to attempt to express my heart and mind on stage. But each endeavor adds to the growth and refinement of this talent.

You have not been afraid to speak your truth, even when it might not be popular. Talk with us about your confidence. Do you think that is part of what has gotten you where you are? Growing up with dark skin, I learned that you have to stand up, not only for myself but others. Defeating bullies along the way let me know that I had to be bold, outspoken, and sometimes that wouldn't be favored. I like to think of myself as aggressively ambitious.

Acting is the latest thing you have been able to do, both for television and film. What sparked that interest?
A gentleman saw me telling a story, and he approached me about being in his film. Right after, I was asked to be in another film. I didn't believe it would be what it is now, but once I get into something I want to exude excellence and be the best. And don't forget my passion for theater.

You now have fans that know you for a variety of things that you do. What has that been like for you to build up an audience with every achievement?
I don't have words, but when someone asks am I still doing poetry I always chuckle a bit. Seriously, I consider myself the MVP, so I have to do more than one thing and do it well. My Brother said it best: "I have never seen anyone go from one thing to another and excel at it."

Since you have done so much an obvious question would be are you satisfied with where you are?
I am grateful for everything, but you know me: I am nowhere near satisfied. I want all of it: movies, TV, commercials, plays, awards, notoriety, prestige..WOOO!

In many respects the world has slowed down a bit since the year began. What are you looking forward to next?
I look forward to Season Three of Amazon's "The G", where I play Detective Smiley. Looking forward to Season Two of Untitled and Season One of Clarity, both are web-series. There are two plays as well that I'll be a part of, "My Last Party" and Lil' Sistas Listen Up" respectively. There are also several movies that were pushed back that I star in as well.

Any advice you want to share with others about the importance of pursuing their goals and dreams? 
Just GEAUX (go)! It's the way we say go in Act Pack. Just get after it. Find what you want to do, put it in your mind, pray on it, then GEAUX!!

We know you will keep doing just that. Thanks for the time, James. How can our readers stay connected with you?
James Gordon on Facebook, Greatest Poet Alive on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks, Cyrus.

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