Saturday, July 25, 2020

Acting On Faith: Christina DeRosa, Actress/Producer /Content Creator

by Cyrus Webb

Actress Christina DeRosa* made her first appearance on Conversations LIVE the radio show this year. The two of us discussed not just the exciting way she brought in 2020 with the movie INHERITANCE, but her career in front of the camera and supporting projects that she believes in. If you follow her online you know she is also a fan of social media and expressing her creativity that way, too.
In this conversation you’ll read about Christina’s career, her passion and what keeps her moving forward even through the challenges we’re all facing.

I love the fact, especially on Instagram, you know, you don't take yourself too seriously. You're still able to have fun. What has it been like for you to see the way that you've been able to do work that you love and then have people love that work as well?
I always say, one of the things I always preach is gratitude is the best attitude. And I start my day and I end my day and every moment of my day is filled with gratitude. And I never stop being grateful. In fact, I think it's a practice. It's an ongoing practice. I write down what I'm grateful for and I never stopped being grateful for all the people in my life, all the opportunities in my life. And I believe the more you express gratitude, the more you have to be grateful for, the more the universe gives you to be grateful for.

And when it comes to acting, Christina, did that just seem like a natural thing for you? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Oh yeah. It all started back in Long Island, New York as a munchkin alongside Natalie Portman in the Wizard of Oz. I started singing and dancing at a young age, and that eventually led me to my musical theater career at the Boston Conservatory. I studied there and then I took the expression while at the Boston Conservatory “break a leg” literally. I fell and broke my leg on stage.  After that I just focused on acting, and that's when I moved to LA, graduated from UCLA and been here ever since.

Do you think that's kind of part of the balance for you that you've been able to find success, but also realize where real happiness comes from?
Absolutely. I think especially as an actress in this entertainment industry, it's very easy to get caught up in me, me, me. It's a very ego-driven industry. It's nice to have other outlets to focus on. It's nice to be able to give back. It's nice to be able to serve. For me, that is so important and focusing on not just my career, but all the other aspects of who I am: a daughter, a sister, you know, anything that I am. All the titles that I wear, not just my career. I always say my career can't dictate my happiness. It's gotta be coming from all over.

And along the way, Christina, not only have you been able to find success and appreciate gratitude, you have fans literally around the world that have been able to enjoy your work as well. What has that been like for you to wrap your mind around?
Oh, it's such a blessing. I think that we keep on going because of the fans, and in a time like now where social media is everything…it's the main way we network. We use it to continue to stay connected and to appreciate our fans. It could be the fans that post something that actually gets you your next job. You just never know.

The last thing I want to talk to you about is your work as a producer.  I have heard it said before and I totally agree, Christina, that creators just create. You mentioned how young you started when it came to acting and how that blossomed. What about working behind the camera as a producer? What has that experience been like for you?
There's a creative fire inside of me for storytelling, and I've seen so many projects that with just a little bit more effort on everybody's part could have been exponentially better. So my strengths as a producer are putting the artistic team together, finding great writers, finding great directors and I just love everything about it. I've really embraced it. Especially during this time now it's where it's at, and to be able to still feel like I'm creating as a producer right now when I'm not currently on set during the stay at home time, it's been powerful. I teamed up with some amazing partners, and we have a production company. We are currently working as producers on a feature film trilogy, and as soon as things are able to be shooting, we will be shooting that movie in Savannah, Georgia.  It's amazing that during these troubled times I was able to shift my creativity from being in front of the camera to being in the back of the camera and still feel amazing about it.

Yeah. And I think too, and I've had conversations with others on this program, Christina, especially over the past couple of months about the importance of embracing one's power. And I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of people to be able to do that. I mean, you are not only I think a living example of what is possible, but I think just by what you just said, you really show about the importance of taking advantage of an opportunity and not just sitting back and waiting, but being able to do your own thing. Is that kind of your advice for others out there when it comes to this period of weight that a lot of people find themselves in or even uncertainty that just to go for what they want to do?
Absolutely. And I feel nowadays, especially with social media, you as an actor out there don't want to just be an actor anymore. And in all honesty, you're not. You're actually becoming an actor, a writer, a director and an editor. If you're making your own TikTok videos, you're in there actually editing your own video, directing yourself, setting up the lighting and more. You're experiencing all aspects of the creative process, which is beautiful. It's way more fun when you get to do it with more people, but it really gives you a sense of appreciation when you're able to do it all yourself too.

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* Photo by Alisa Banks

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