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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Da Answer: Rapping and Walking With Passion And Faith

by Cyrus Webb

"What does God want to do with me?" That was the question that recording artist Da Answer asked himself when he looked at the road he was headed on and started to turn his life around. The answer to that question has come in the music he is now able to produce, inspiring message of hope, faith with a beat that would rival any popular music on the radio.

I had the opportunity to hear his music and invited Da Answer to share his story with our listeners on Conversations LIVE and his story resonated with listeners in such a way that I wanted to bring it to the magazine. Da Answer is not just another artist talking about God. He is an individual who has recognize his role in spreading the good news about the true answer to the problems we are all facing.

So how did this all start? "I was going down the wrong road for a long time," he told me. Growing up in the streets of Cleveland he was was surrounded by poverty with no real inspiration around him. "I knew that if I didn't change I would end up being another statistic. That wasn't the life I wanted. I knew there was more for me."

It was at that point that Da Answer began to see how he could use his gift for music and impacting a crowd in a different way. Now through his label and the support of his wife he is seeing not just being people having a good time. He is seeing lives changing. "I use my music to come from where I have been delivered from. I am trying to feed my listeners." Truth Music isn't just a label for him. It is the definition of what he is doing with his life through words.

This doesn't mean that Da Answer is immune from the challenges that all of us face. I asked him about the pressures that come from not just being a celebrity but an individual who is living a life of faith. "The enemy is going to try and attack you," he says. "If you can praise your way through it you will be alright. I have learned, though, that the best way to minister to anyone is through your lifestyle. I may be the only Bible that someone reads. We have to keep that in mind."

What a powerful way of looking at our lives! Instead of talking down to people and beating them up, Da Answer is now using his gift to lift them up. He is using his passion for music and the message to inspire others towards their own greatness. His message for those who hear him is this: " God has no favorites. If he did it for me He will do the same thing for you."

Find out more about Da Answer at His album Truth Music is available on his website and at online retailers.

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