Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Tough Love" Meg Collins

Welcome back to "Tough Love" with Meg Collins. Thank you for being a dedicated follower to my column. I decided this issue to ask the men of the world what are the type of women that one searches for and what are warning signs and red flags for you, personall. This time of year I know many are without the arms of another, so I went to a source to help women and men both find potential mates for their lives.

I would want to be definitely snuggling with the right gentleman, personally, so await the right man, as many of you await the right person as well. I could possibly be a Nun at this juncture in my life; however I would probably be more of a Sister Act participant.

I had the pleasure to interview Gordon Basichis who is the Co-Founder of Corra Group, specializing in background checks and corporate research both nationally and globally. They are headquartered in Los Angeles. He is the famed Author of four books and has been featured on ABC News. Gordon states, "The more serious minded men, and more successful men tend more to consider the woman's motives for the date. They will wonder if she is after their money and whether she has had considerable serial relationships with men of means. Romance and idealistic love may be wonderful, but such concerns are a sign of our times.

Men, in general, don't wish to hear about the woman's legacy of boyfriends. Should past paramours be a principle topic of discussion, it's a definitely turn off. It is a common belief from our feedback that women who talk openly about past paramours have either serious issues, baggage, or they are more likely to take their twenty three best girlfriends into confidence and providing the details of their love affairs. Men don't appreciate being the subject of group girl discussion. I should add that the women, who pause at dinner to answer her phone or look at her texts for purposes other than serious business, will probably not be asked on a second date.

Another big red flag is Mother. Again, the common belief is girls who on the first dates talk extensively about their mothers tend to have issues with their mothers. Many men fear being entangled in the perpetual turmoil that can be created between mother and daughter. But then, men being men, and with the right woman with the right line, in the right time and place, all of the above can be easily overridden. I have seen that happen time and again."

Gordon raises many good points and I have been on dates with men who answer or check their phones and never had a second date with them because I felt like they were already committed, yet not saying so in person. I have also been approached by many men online who are facades of what one would want to date or even be seen with, for their lies had lies. I have five questions that I ask before a first date: 1) Are you close with your Mother? 2) Are you married or separated? 3) Do you drive? 4) Are you employed? 5) Have you ever been in prison?  Gordon Basichis, thank you for your interview.  

Be blessed and have safe dates over the next month, and share with me your stories and opinions, as I am here for you, the readers. If in date doubt, contact Gordon: he appears to be the guru of the non-sociopathic, non-boiling bunny rabbits in a pot type of individuals.

Meg Collins is a Columnist, Radio Host, Author, Poet, Editor, and Ghostwriter. You can email her directly at

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