Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eco-Stylist Danna Weiss: Living & Sharing A Conscious Life

by Cyrus Webb

There is something about individuals who are living a life of awareness. They seem to be more focused on not just where they are but their own contribution not just to the world but the planet itself. One of those individuals who has not only made tremendous strides in her own life and chosen to help others as well is Danna Weiss.

You've probably read about her or seen her on television as a stylist and person in the know about eco-friendly styles, however, she is also the founder of Conscious Jewelry,a line created with the intent to heighten intuition, heal, evolve and integrate and attract the frequencies of love, peace, and abundance into the body.

It's difficult not to have a conversation with Danna and not pick up on her energy and excitement for living and sharing what I call an informed life. She told me in the interview, however, that she started out as so many do. At one time she wasn't sure what she believed or who she believed in. At that time it was all about making it through the world, following her passion. As a teenager she had discovered a real love of crystals and gem stones. Though she didn't know at the time about the science behind them, they were fascinating to her.

Her interest led her to study fashion, and eventually she became a fashion editor, dressing celebrities for events. Danna was definitely living what would be seen as a fulfilled life, but she told me "I had no idea that I was the cause of what was about to happen to me."

What happened to her was she became seriously ill. "For six months I couldn't keep any food in my body," she related to me. "I was wasting away. It was then I began struggling to find answers." That journey led her to a deeper understanding of the environment and the dangers of what she was doing to herself. "So you're telling me that I am choosing to use things on my body that shouldn't be in our planet," she said to me, recalling the conversation she had with those who assisted her to a deeper sense of awareness of what she was doing not just to herself but to the environment as well. That was a turning point for Danna, and it led her to a more eco-friendly view of living and life. Through this Conscious Jewelry was birthed.

Using the very stones that had fascinated her early in life, Danna is able to provide an introduction to holistic healing and health. "I have learned how to bring up my energy level," she explained, through bold pieces that alter your electromagnetic field, and thus, consciousness. The crystals and gem stones promote a "feeling of positivity", making the same available in your life.

Danna shared with me that along her quest to understand her situation she discovered a book by a trusted physician that explained to the reader that there were over one hundred foreign chemicals in the human body. "This really woke me up to all of the illness on the planet," she said. She is now sharing with others how they can begin moving stagnic energy out of the body. assisting to spiritual and mental awareness.

This poses the question to all of us: what are we doing to live a more aware life? The answers are around us. We just have to choose to follow the example of individuals like Danna Weiss and seek them out. For her one of the most powerful lessons was this: "We don't have all of the answers." It is when we are open to the fact that maybe there is an answer outside of the norm then we can truly live with purpose and a genuine sense of living a life of awareness.

The website for Conscious Jewelry is Each piece comes with a card or cards explaining each stone’s metaphysical properties. Visit the website for more information.

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