Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marla Mase: Lyrical Messenger For The Masses

by Cyrus Webb

New York native Marla Mase is the epitome of a lyrical messenger.

For her the gift of arts began with writing first, writing poetry and becoming known as a spoken word artist. It was in 2008, however, that she made a monologue into a song. After that she was hooked and kept writing more and more.

When I had my first conversation with her over the phone it was to discuss a new song she had just recorded called Anna Rexia. The song, as the title would suggest, deals with eating disorders and the way we treat them and react to them.

This is a subject Marla knows all too well. Her daughter battled depression and an eating disorder for years, and it was her fight along with what she saw in society that spurred Marla to contribute in a way that only she could.

The song was debuted for the first time on the radio on Conversations LIVE on Wednesday, February 29th during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and the response was amazing. I asked Marla what it was like to have a daughter going through something so personal and not really being able to make her feel better about herself. "As a parent you feel like it is all on you," she told me. "I felt like I couldn't give her enough. You realize at some point its up to them. It's not about you. What I said or did couldn't help them. There were no magic words to make her better."

What Marla did do, however, was go back to what has always been there for her: words. They had helped her through challenging times before, and now with songs like Anna Rexia she knows it will be a great light for others to enjoy and look at the issue differently.

Like so many of us that have found a gift in the midst of a difficult time or bad circumstances, Marla says that after she was able to get past her fear it changed her life.

Marla's message to all of us who are dealing with challenges that seem out of our control or feelings of worthlessness is this: "You're great the way you are. You are enough."

Find out more about Marla Muse and her music by visiting
you are enough.

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