Monday, March 5, 2012

Got It Ent. Uses Hip Hop To Share Christ In REDEMPTION


Got It Entertainment Uses Hip Hop To Share Christ In Redemption

Media Contact: Cyrus Webb, Director of Publicity

At a time when some seek to marginalize the power and influence of Hip Hop, Got It Entertainment CEO Corey "Kut Supreme" Davis is hoping to use it in an effort to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"I feel like this is what God wants me to do with my life and with my music," says Davis. He has experienced success as a secular artist, but after giving his life to Christ, he knew he had been given the gift share Christ through Hip Hop. "It is the language of my generation," he says. "What I'm doing now is showing that God wants all of us to come to know him. The vehicle I'm using to do that is rap."

After much pray and seeking guidance Davis wrote, produced and starred in the gospel Hip Hop play Redemption. It opened at the Impromptu Players Theater in DeRidder, LA to an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Starring Kut Supreme, Catissue Hayes (Alize'), Amor Shamel (The Messenger), Wayne Joshua (Wayne Josh) and Angela (Mercedes), Redemption is about a young man who comes from the street, is redeemed by God and wants to be a part of sharing what has happened to him and wants to help others make a difference in their lives.

There are other dates being planned for the play around Louisiana, but Davis sees this as an opportunity to reach a larger audience as well. "I believe that whoever sees Redemption will have their lives changed no matter where they are from and what they have done. I want to show everyone, but especially the younger generation that God loves you and you can still do good with your life."

The next scheduled showing of Redemption will be during an all-day event taking place at the Exhibit Hall in DeRidder, LA on Sat. March 17, 2012 beginning at 8a.m. central time.

For more information about Redemption contact Wytonia McBribe or Corey Davis at, or call 337.496.5032, 337.404.8101 You can also visit .

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