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Monday, April 9, 2012

Comedian Rodney Perry: Building A Brand That Is No Laughing Matter

by Cyrus Webb

He is one of those individuals that I have gotten to not only respect but consider a friend as well. Rodney Perry is a comedian, actor and talk show host that has recognized his calling and is walking in it each and every day.

I recently had the privilege to talk with him for a second time on Conversations LIVE, and he came ready to not only inspire but share some of the keys to the brand he is building and why it is important to never give up.

Rodney Perry on Success:
"I'm just living my life. I am so far from where I'm going that it's not hard to be where I am. Whenever I achieve that thing that I'm shooting for I will still be me. Alot of people are enamored by the things that come along with what you do. It's important as a comedian that I stay connected to my audience. If I become disconnected through fame I can no longer do my job."

Rodney Perry on the Gift of Comedy:
"The comedy is my foundation. Everything else (radio, televison or film) is sitting on the foundation of the comedy. It is what fuels my passion. If I got the opportunity to do one thing forever and not do anything else, that would be the comedy."

Rodney Perry on his radio show:
"I knew that if I created a radio show at the very least I could advertise my engagements. I wanted to create an avenue that you could get to know more about about a guy than just a few minutes. Along this journey I'm floored that I've had the opportunity to make some friends. When I was 25 I said I doubt if I make another friend in my life. Now at 41 I realize that I have met a ton of friends. I have been blessed to have a wealth of friends that don't mind having a conversation with me. I take that very seriously, and I take my reputation very seriously."

Rodney Perry on hard work:
"You can't be naturally gifted without hard work. There are people who are naturals at being comedians but others can learn the mechanics. That person that isn't naturally gifted tends to work harder because they know they have something to prove. If you're not careful and not working hard you wil be passed over by someone who is taking the craft more seriously."

Rodney Perry on Endurance:
"It always gets very difficult before it gets very good. Remember that the person who gives up will never be successful."

You can catch Rodney on tour as well as on his radio show. All of the details can be found on his website

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