Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conversations' Top Summer Reads For All Ages

Conversations Media Group and Conversations Book Club are pleased to announce its choices for "20 Summer Reads For Kids and Teens" for 2012. Hand-picked by book club President Cyrus Webb, these are books that offer something for readers of all ages and are perfect to be read alone or with your friends.

  1. "The Berlin Boxing Club" by Robert Sharenow (Harper Teens)
  2. "The Sons of Liberty: Death and Taxes" by Alexander Lagos & Joseph Lagos (Random House)
  3. "The Chip" by George Jack (Langdon Street Press)
  4. "Growing Pains" by K. P. Smith (Doin It Publishing)
  5. "The Echoes Inside" by Christopher Gaddis (unknown)
  6. "Out of Sight, Out of  Time" by Ally Carter (Disney * Hyperion Books)
  7. "BRAGN: Be Real and Great Now" by Zenaida Roy-Almario (BRAGN)
  8. "Teenie" by Christopher Grant (Random House)
  9. "Of Mouse and Magic" by Allan R. Gall (Two Harbors Press)
  10. "Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E." by S. Dodson (Mahogney Ink Publications)
  11. "Birds Can Fly and So Can I" by Noa Nimrodi (Grassroots Publishing Group)
  12. "Kingdom Keepers: Shell Game" by Ridley Pearson (Disney * Hyperion Books)
  13. "L. A. Summer" by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson (Wanasoma Books)
  14. "Manuel's Murals" by Jeaninne Escallier-Kato (3L Publishing)
  15. "Trouble In Troublesome Creek" by Nancy Kelly Allen (Red Rock Press) 
  16. "Hunka Chunka Monkey Shapes Up" by Sam E. Bromley (Jabberwocky Books)
  17. "Stuck" by Rhonda Martin (Jabberwocky Books)
  18. "The Honey Bunch Kids" by Chental-Song Bembry (Xlibris)
  19. "Adventures of Rusty & Ginger Fox" by Tim Ostermeyer (Synergy Books)
  20. "The ABC Field Guide to Faeries" by Susanne Alexander-Heaton ( unknown)

For more information about Conversations Book Club's commitment to encouraging reading among individuals of all ages make sure to visit CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

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