Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, July 20, 2012

SuperChef Darnell Ferguson: Building A Business with Breakfast on Faith

by Cyrus Webb

There are so many people who look at the current economic situation and think that building a business should be the last thing on your mind. Not Darnell Ferguson. The 25 year old Columbus, OH native is doing just that and finding success along the way.

Living in Louisville, KY since 2008, Darnell "Super Chef" Ferguson opened Super Chef's Breakfast with good friend Ryan Bryson in May 2012 and since then has expanded to a second location with plans for a third already in the works.

"I was admittedly nervous at first," says Ferguson. "Like with any business I wondered whether or not anyone would show up. Now that I see that people are not only coming out but loving the food it only confirms that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing."

The premise of Super Chef's Breakfast is to make breakfast fun and exciting again, drawing attention to it being the most important meal of the day. Though it began just a few months ago, Ferguson has been laying the framework for the current success for quite some time.

It began with his website "Cooking In 10" where he shared with others how to feel more comfortable in the kitchen. Ferguson believes this is also where he found his comfort level not only on camera but with the press as well. "Everywhere I have had the privilege of working and the attention I have gotten because of my cooking has all led to this point," he says. There is also another element to the equation that Super Chef is quick to mention and that is his faith. "Every step of the way I have tried to keep God first. That is a big part of my confidence. I know that as long as I stay in the place God wants for me that things are going to work out."

What Super Chef's Breakfast has already done surpasses what Ferguson wanted for the business and himself. "I'm still just taking it all in," he says. "We are giving people a new feel of breakfast, showing them what is possible. It's just a great feeling to know that people are enjoying the food and the way it is prepared."

There is also the added benefit of being a tangible example for those young and old when it comes to what is possible in their own lives. "I definitely believe that this business shows what is possible with hard work and dedication. It shows the importance of having good people around you." Thanks to the growth in the business, Ferguson has even been able to put some good people to work.

When I asked him what advice he has for others who look at what he has achieved at such a young age, Ferguson says this: "That's easy. Stay consistent, stay prayerful and stay focused."

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