Sunday, July 22, 2012

BOOKS ARE SEXY: Author Mateo Tabatabai

by Cyrus Webb

Some might take a look at this photo of Denmark's own Mateo Tabatabai and automatically make assumptions about who he is or what he does. I would venture to say that most would be wrong.

Some ladies might be attracted to what he looks like more than what he does, but I can tell you that Mateo has written probably one of the most powerful books on embracing your inner greatness that I have read this year. THE MIND-MADE PRISON helps us to see the importance of not just thinking outside the box, but escaping the box altogether. 

Thanks to modern technology I was able to catch up with Mateo to discuss what led him to write the book, what he hopes readers take away from it and what being sexy means to him.


Mateo, thanks for taking the time to speak with our readers here at Conversations. I want to talk with you about your book THE MIND-MADE PRISON in a moment, but I want to begin by your outlook on life. It seems like to me at a time when some have given up on the future, you have remained optimistic. What do you attribute that optimism to? Has it always been easy for you to look at what we call "the bright side"?

This is a great question. I definitely haven't always been optimistic about life or the opportunities that it presents. As a matter of fact I used to be quite negative and could always find something that wasn't good enough as it was. I remember going on a vacation when I was 17 years old and all I could do was find problems about the place, and I even tried paying extra money so that I could return back home a week earlier than originally planned. Looking back on this experience now, I know that there was nothing wrong with the place I had travelled to and the real problem was my mindset and general outlook on life. 

I attribute my outlook on life on a lot of different factors, but the main reason behind my optimism is that I have fully realized that negativity doesn't help anything at all. I am very aware of my thoughts and emotions and simply will not accept any whining, complaining or negativity from my mind. I see existence itself as the greatest blessing and feel that being ungrateful (no matter how good or bad your life situation might be) is a slap in the face of my Creator. 

What has it been like for you to share not only your outlook with the world but see how it is making a difference in the lives of others as well?

Well, it has been one of the greatest feelings ever. I have worked with people for the last 6 years and it is an absolute pleasure to help someone overcome a challenge that used to seem insurmountable. However, I am very aware of the fact that helping people starts with helping yourself. We have enough preachers who want to shove their beliefs into your life and give you the "truth" and what we really need are more people who strive to create peace in the world through the practice of self-peace. If I am arrogant, ego based, unable to feel empathy, angry, fearful and so on, there is no way that I can help others and this drives me to work on improving myself every single day of my life. 

The book THE MIND-MADE PRISON is really fascinating to me because it helps me to appreciate how much we play a direct role in our own success and failure. Talk with us about what led you to write the book, and what you hope readers will take away from it?

I finally wrote the book because my friends and social circle kept telling me that this information needed to get out there. I knew that the information shared in the Mind-Made Prison was very potent because it had already helped the lives of hundreds of people I had worked with. Therefore it seemed like the natural solution to share this information with a larger audience, help more people and even be able to make an additional income from doing what I love the most. I hope people go away with a clear understanding of the step by step system on how they can completely change their life, thoughts and emotions after reading the book. 

Like with any prison, there is a way out. Sometimes we just have to wake up to the fact that we have the key already. How has that knowledge helped you in overcoming fear and living your life with purpose?

It has been absolutely invaluable, but I also understand that a happy and fulfilled life is not a destination but rather something that you strive for in every second of your life. You can always feel more bliss, peace and fulfillment and therefore it is important to keep letting go of energy wasters life fear, low self-esteem, lying etc. 

Your feature, Mateo, is under our BOOKS ARE SEXY column. We are also using this issue of the magazine to talk about the sexiness that comes with confidence, intelligence and self-love. What is sexy to you?

Sexy to me is being able to put yourself out there and let the world see 100% of who you truly are. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is willing to put themselves on the line and shine as a star, with no regard to fear, insecurities etc. This is easier said than done and in order to be able to do this, you first need to go inside and figure out who you really are. 

Thanks again for this time. How can our readers find out more information about you and get their copy of the book?

It is my pleasure! Readers who are interested in more information can simply go to and search for my book title "The Mind-Made Prison". You can also add me on facebook "Mateo Tabatabai". 

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  1. I have found that when I look carefully, the prison door is always ajar and all I need do is open and walk through. Thank you for this interview that serves as a valuable reminder.